Louis Boulle

“Everyone knows the effects of volumes placed against the light: the result, as we know,
is that the shadows reproduce these volumes. We owe the birth of the art of painting to this phenomenon.”
Boullée, Architecture, Essai sur l’art

Siri House

This animation is a side project from a real time walk through application . every thing is totally real time and alive .after the process of modeling was done by 3ds max , everything else including fogs and rain has been made by ue4.

Hope you like it

AXYZ Design - ANIMA + ALIVE 3dsmax Crowd Software

ANIMA 3.5 Released + Alive

anima 3.5 released by AXYZ Design + alive, an innovative technology that establishes a link between your 3D modeling software and anima. This level of control is very much welcome and will improve the overall workflow for sure! Check it out below.

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