114 Rue Diderot

It’s a Full CGI project, which pushed my workstation to its limits. It was rendered on 3xGTX1080Ti and I couldn’t have made without Octane’s awesome out-of-core feature, which enables to use system memory with GPU rendering, and it used almost all of my 48Gbs of RAM.
I work in Blender and all of the modelling took place there. All the architecture and terrain were modeled by me, and that includes trees, which were generated using The Grove tree growing software. I used 3D People from HumanAlloy.com, car models from Chocofur.com and road textures were aquired from Poliigon.com

Software: Blender, Octane Render, Photoshop for color correction.


Build Your World is the flagship video for the re-release of the brand new website for KITBASH3D. The film tells the story of architecture through time.

Process – vimeo.com/290333844
Complete project on Behance – behance.net/gallery/70325469/BUILD-YOUR-WORLD


Direction/Animation – Sava Zivkovic
Music/Sound Design – Iz Svemira

Client – KITBASH3D – kitbash3d.com/

Tools: 3ds Max, Octane Render, Adobe Suite, World Machine

who is the boss

It was a really nice interior we received. With the huge atrium something needed to be done.
The hanging birds came in handy and the did a greenscreen shot with the ladder to add a bit more story.

MAXIME residence

Time to time I need to have rest from the commercial project and it is a joy for me to make something like this. In this kind of personal project, I choose some interesting photo of architecture and try to recreate it. This time it was impressive work of b l a n k s t u d i o in Thailand. The house is situated in the flower yard and I appreciate the connection between the outside environment and inside of the house. Fascinating for me it was the shape and the use of materials like glass, concrete and stone walls. Lighting this scene was important and I tried to not only recreate evening feel, but I also created a few day shots.