Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Stockholm Sweden

This is my first completed render of a realistic interior.

In total, about 30h was spent on it over the course of 3 months. (not including render times)
20% of the time was spent gathering, organizing and preparing reference images.
40% of the time was spent modeling and framing the shot.
30% of the time was spent texturing and lighting.
10% of the time was spent compositing.

Included in the gallery is the render passes used.

Most of the passes were used as luma mattes for adjustment layers, as i used the beauty render for the background layer.

The built-in noise pass from octane was desaturated, then used as a guide pass to denoise the image.

Beauty render and passes rendered in 2h, but with optimizations it could be brought down to 30 minutes. (32 ray bounces might be a bit overkill)

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