Voices of the sea

This is a work about time, which changes so quickly, and about the different stories of one place, which can only be remembered and told about only by the unchanging sea. The sea is sparse in speaking, so, we collect these stories from parts of a sunken boat that was once washed ashore, sculptures smashed against rocks, coins polished with water, and other once valuable things scattered all over the shore. Unfortunately, time is running out, so all our former values will also become the voice of the sea, rustle of the forest, or mountain winds.

Modern caveman

Life inside the cave should be interesting. I tried to make sense of this lifestyle in this rendering. I hope you enjoy

Software: 3Ds Max, Vray, Forest Pack, Photoshop, After Effects.


Bathroom Visualisation

Tasked with creating a series of 3d product renders for our bathroom fixtures and fittings client we designed and modelled this bathroom using the talents of our interior design team. We went with monochromatic theme with a minimalistic and slightly retro look & feel.

We used 3ds max, corona and photoshop as the primary software. We used marvelous designer for the towel and growfx for all the vegetation. Hope you like it!

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To see more on this project: https://www.harpcollective.com.au/featured-projects/3d-product-rendering-cgi-bathroom/