Pohutukawa House

This project is very interesting, we want to learn about story telling in 1 image and animation. always love to create a detailed environment and the lighting, blue and orange always compliment each other yet makes the image more interesting.

But the most interesting thing while working in this project is the team work of all of our team in 2G Studio. without great teamwork, this project will never finish.

3DSMAX, Corona Renderer, Grow FX

Pure-Colors UHD 3D Film(Teaser_1#)

My last personal work UHD 3D Film that I would like to share with you!
Is an interior Architectural Film that I wanted to give Photo realistic mood.

Original Story will be ready soon.

I really hope you like it. C&C are welcome

3dsMax, Corona(Special Thanks to Marcin Miodek), AE, PR , Quixel , texture.supply.

Kind regards,

Making of “Douro Valley”

For the first making-of feature of 2020, I’m very happy to present eleven’s “Douro Valley” project behind the scenes! eleven is a young London based studio founded by Aneta Gesiorska and Joana Maduro, and this is their studio’s inception work. Lots of good stuff in this one, which also serves as a field guide! Enjoy.

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