Axis Mall & Apartments Visualized by Pixarch

Axis Mall & Residency is spun into a spectacular 3D domain by Pixarch. 3D walk through and floor plans are perfectly portrayed by the revolutionary image tools. This commercial cum residential complex is embellished through the best visual effects so that the extravagant exterior and the intricate interior emerges with excellence.

Pixarch has its finger on the pulse of presentation. With a creative insight, it transforms the picture frames into high quality for the best results. The scopic views of the laden spaces are awe inspiring. Pictures truly speak a thousand words especially the three dimensional ones which lead directly to a dream lifestyle.

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Human beings are buzzing with self-discovery and undeniable transformation. With an unstoppable contagion spread, the world was locked within itself, forced to think hard and get creative to convert the homes from anti-pandemic prisons to friendlier, even productive areas of living.

Related stories showcase billboards placed outside of homes that read the physical and emotional change each space has undergone. The large display shows the title of the room and the negative connotation that comes with it.

In the end, we come to understand how experiences work. We are first met with a massive billboard and its negative ideas as the initial greeting, pulling us into a journey of self-discovery and a positive mindset the more time spent in reflecting, allowing ourselves to really take in the beauty of transformation.

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KSB City 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

KSB City in Saudi Arabia was brought to life through Pixarch’s photorealistic 3D views and architectural walkthroughs. The detailed 3D architectural walkthroughs gave an excellent perspective on the project making it easier for the client to see what their project will look like. The photorealistic 3D views were of high quality and depicted the project with various perspectives. A TV commercial was also created keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

Dawawen – 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

An all-encompassing community, Dawawen with its widespread diameters is ingeniously portrayed by Pixarch. The expansive map illustrations are woven with the community infrastructure. The entire housing scheme captured on the scintillating skyline is simply superb.

The architectural layouts are finely depicted with a range of variation which shows the creativity of the designers at work. The recreational and residential spaces are showcased with their unique features to add onto the vibrancy of the vicinity through the Pixarch lens.

Waha Mada 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

Waha Mada lives up to its exotic essence with the exceptional elevation engineering of Pixarch. The sand dunes and oasis shots in the lead in angles build up the environment before the actual entrance of the project which creates quite an impressive impact.

The cruising on the boulevards with splendorous scenes of the surroundings reflect Pixarch’s augmented artistry. The 3D movement depicts the series of six identical towers with dynamically distinguishable features. Each floorplan and layout is effective and elegantly represented for the elevated effect.