Darat Al Hada

Located in the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Darat-Al-Hada was a challenging project by Mizat development which required high quality deliverables. Pixarch Architectural Visualization, with its vast experience and expertise, accepted and completed Darat-al-Hada in stride.
A special feature of this project was that VFX (virtual effects) were used to depict the project. Some of the VFX’s were animated trees, animated cars, day and night transition, and wind actions to give a realistic feel to the project.
In addition, a touch screen interactive presentation was made allowing for captivating interactivity and engagement.
Lastly, Pixarch designed high quality 3D views, 3D architectural walkthroughs, and 3D floor plans for this project. This challenging project came with a tough deadline but Pixarch came through with flying colors and delivered well within time.

Maersk Tower

The “Maersk Tower” is a non-commercial project created in free time over the last year.
Looking for a suitable topic for realization, our attention was drawn to the Maersk Tower building located in Copenhagen.
It is distinguished by its unique architectural form and interesting texture created by façade panels.
It also has exceptionally well-designed landscape elements connecting the building itself with the surrounding terrain.
The unique architectural design has allowed us to find a lot of very attractive frames, which have become the basis for our animation.

From a technical point of view, the main goal of the project was to use the Corona as the main rendering engine and to achieve a quality similar to static visualizations.

In the project we used two lighting options.The first one using the HDR lighting method and the second hybrid model introducing additional Corona Sun.

In the animation we used great music composed by Ian Post and available on artlist.io

Studio Bluecerigo

This new photographic agency wants to be a place of diffusion and creation as well as a place of life in its own right. For the sake of integrating daily rituals of guarding into complex working hours, a large part of the space is dedicated to the children of promoters and collaborators.
The original space has been completely restructured to create an open and versatile place. The addition of shutters to the openings allows to modulate the natural light, inherent to the photographer’s work, according to a device that is both simple and aesthetic.

Unseen Grace II

A CGI music video tribute to the people that preserve and improve our spaces.
Architecture was not made for them, yet they see its beauty the most.

Part 01 – vimeo.com/384832104
Breakdowns – artstation.com/artwork/w68WPY

By Ryan Wai Kin Lam

Story and lyrics with Hana Schonegger
Music with Teresa Tan
Motion graphics with Alberto Vangelista
Crowd simulation by Jon Hudson
Vocals by Kintsuku
Typography by Alexa Kelly
Narration by Molly Gavin

Original score :
Wai Kin – Silent Footfalls

Small Details

This is a small animation I did for TheRookiesco Competitions.

I really like to focus on the small details when I’m doing 3d, but these days the clients want wide images to show the whole space. So this project is going to be about close-ups and details.

Also, I decided to have a little fun with phoenix fd, tyflow, and growfx, so I force myself to learn new skills animating liquids, smokes, plants, and cloth.


Nocturnes & Mirages project is the exploration of various ambience and lighting scenarios with the special focus on situations which seem to be underrepresented in the main stream of architectural visualization.

The early dawn scenes which take inspiration from the paintings of James Abbott McNeill Whistler, William Turner or American Realists. They are to feature no artificial light and create an unobvious scenery intended to stimulate the imagination. They require more attention and might seem unfit for the mediums based on a hectic scrolling through one’s feed but I believe they can shine when built into a more complex visual story.
Vague, blurred, impressionist, dreamy.

The high noon with its tendency of flattening of the form, smoothing of the texture irregularities and – in the absence of shadows – giving the priority to the mosaic of popping colours as well as emphasizing a larger scale geometries.
Also, the sun shimmering amid the dusty clouds and the specular vertigo to contrast the vast emptiness around.
Sharp, buzzing, colourful.