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This 3D architectural rendering was A challenge orgainised by arhitecturechat and sponcered by asmo image & spacebound. i always wanted to mae an image that tell us some story. so i just started working on ,the gray scale model was provided . i used vray ,itoo railcone & forest pack & snow plugin to create snow. it was little tricky and had face many obstical errors to create snow. but at last i madeit, had tested may hdri lights and got it which suited & make the image live. i was the winner of this competiton. i learn from this . that we should never give up. i m working in this field from last 10 years, but never though i would be apreciatted so much …showcase your work, find tools, challenge yourself, best 3d artists for yourself 😉

Residence by Narva river

These images and 360-view animation for the residential property marketing campaign were
aimed to show not only architecture and comfortable infrastructure of the buildings, but also spectacular views towards Narva river. This visualization is a mix of suburban tranquility and urban energy rather than showing democratic nature of functionalist architecture.

Roheline Park, office building commercial CGIs

Surrounded by greenery, greens as a key element of its interiors and green thinking toward energy systems of a building. Our goal for this architectural CG was to create marketing materials that communicate the green thinking of the project at a glance. Building that has several options for habitats to take a break from work: inside the building in an open space of the sunroom, on the rooftop and landscape around.


Abou Building

This building has a total area of ​​189 m^2 and is not very high (about 25 meters high).

Also, this building has a total of 5 floors on the ground floor, which, as shown in the renderings, are the ground floor.

According to the conversation with Mr. Takbiri about the design of this project: In designing this project, we tried to prevent duplication by creating very short distances between the floors as well as minor protrusions in some floors.

We also tried to avoid color variation by using simple materials.

For this reason, we used two types of materials:

White cement (predominant material)

Dark cement

Currently, this project is located in Tehran (Parkway neighborhood) and is under construction.

About Software

This building was first modeled (after the design process) in AutoCAD software (3D).

It was then handed over to me to simulate the environment and the scene.

I also tried to simulate the light as close as I could to reality before I started making the material.

Then I started making scenes, reflections, bricks and ….

About city

This building is located in Tehran (Iran) and Parkway neighborhood.

Tehran is the capital of Iran and Parkway neighborhood is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tehran.

Anyway hope you like it and thanks for your attention