Christmas CG Kitchens 2017

Last years Christmas CG images went down so well that we created 2 sets this year. Both designed by our Senior Designer Tan, fully CG, no with no photography at all. We used photogrammetry techniques to create some really nice food models. Read more here Superb job on this project from Darren, Jordan, Rich Ip, Ben and Jon.

Wooden house on the Tallusjärvi lake

This was modeling project of the beautiful 100 years old house for the client. After we finish the model, we decide that the best way is to put the house on some natural environment. Searching the internet we found the beautiful lake in Finland called Tallusjärvi and decide to put it near the water and wooden dock.


According to Prose Edda, when Odin and other Æsir came from Asian Turkland to North Europe, they brought their culture and language “that became native in all those lands”, and along with them came prosperity and peace.
Some argue the historical precision of the XIII century epic of Æsir – others simply admire the legasy of those people
(or gods?).
Oseberg ship is one of the brightest examples of that divine culture, for it keeps touching our hearts so many centuries later…
Viking Ship Museum: Arnstein Arneberg
Osebergskipet: Ritually buried 834 AD. Excavated by Haakon Shetelig and Gabriel Gustafson in 1904-1905​​​​​​​
Software: 3Dsmax, Corona Render, Zbrush, UV Layout, Knald, Autocad, Affinity Photo, Nuke