This is a personal project based on an existing building designed in the 60s. Still in use and part of the Engineering Department at University of Trieste, it is evocatively named Tutankhamon by the students. The brutalist structure and the use of the triangle taken to extremes inspired me the idea to picture a gloomy and desolated concrete ruin abandoned after a fire.

Also a good exercise for matte painting.


I am in a small attempt to add some spice to an otherwise saturated archviz visuals/ archviz styling / daily work submissions. while realism is the way, we tend to forget to spice things up. This set of visuals was a personal investigation to create cinematic effects, angles and others creations of awesome sauce items and creating a small backstory to them. The concept was inspired by Raphael Lacoste concept art, “cernunos”, where the placement of a spirited figure in an otherwise architectural project creates an anomaly to an otherwise monotonous architecture. Interior views consist of custom models inpired by kaws. Break down of visual renders mostly were done by the usual corona and fstorm (let me know if you can guess which is which). Most 3D item were zbrush and autodesk with a bit of 3D scan library here & there.

The Collector

This is my full set of submission / winning submission for Design Connected (https://www.designconnected.com) competition, “the mirror”. The idea delves mostly on representing ID & furniture through an imaginary architectural semiotics. “the collector” represents current issues of war, gentrification & displacements. Archviz concept ideas was loosely base on ian mcque paintings and other contemporary visuals references and the most challenging part for me was to translating them to an Archviz / ID concept that fits the theme. Elements,furniture and accessories represents those unlucky victims of such incidents, and perhaps represents loss etc.

Is there anybody out there

Every now and then, one of our visuals is chosen by the team to take part of a story, of some imaginary scenario that pushes the boundaries of our imagination.
The plot for this commission titled ” Is there anybody out there?” goes a little like this:
It has been days and no sign of life has surfaced, no sound was heard, even the wind seized to exist in this no man’s land. I have been wandering for quite sometimes now. The terrors of the night were getting the best of me, and as soon as I started giving up, some structure rose from the dunes. The excitement of a warm sleep drove me right to its doorsteps. It was clear that the building was completely deserted and tarnished, but somehow the on button of a surveillance cam was blinking… Was I not so alone? Was anybody out there? Watching, listening? Is my salvation on the other side of the monitor? Or could it be my downfall?