Monumental Palace

This time, something different from what we are used to do. A set of images of the Monumental Palace, a five star Hotel located in the heart of Oporto. Created by the famous designers “8 em Ponto” we tried our best to show exactly what the client wanted. For one year, our 3D process was a support for the building construction and design choices.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, summer breeze, sunny day. We are heading to the mountains.
The visual illustrates a Defender passing by four lofts resting on the road that leads to the mountain peaks.
A storytelling visual is always something that we look to integrate in our work, making the process more exciting and interesting.


New personal work, aimed at checking how Corona would have worked on an exterior scene completely done in CG.
The scene heavily relies on displacement maps, except for the brick facade, done with Railclone.
You can check the full-res images here:

San Francisco Studio By Garcia Tamjidi(Full CG)

Hey everyone,
For the last two weeks i was working on this project for my Architecture Visualization workshop in Tehran. Everything is modeled in 3dsMax and detailed in Zbrush as usual. I also used Marvelous Designer for all the fabrics in the scene. Both carpets are all modeled by hand and textured with images captured with Dabarti Capture. The whole buildings outside are also modeled individually. For the Lighting i used PG Hdri.

The Design is based on Garcia Tamjidi San Francisco Studio.
All Images rendered in 2K and took approximately 2 hours each. The scene is Pretty much optimized except for the carpets!!!

Stoicheia Geometrias

Stoicheia Geometrias is a mathematical treatise consisting of 13 books attributed to the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid.

The project is a personal study in which I try to juxtapose Euclidean objects materialized with cast resin and manifold organic forms. The result is the tension of lines, colors and lights.