Opulant Walk-In Closet & Bedroom

Our team has recently completed the development of a sophisticated CGI bedroom featuring a walk-in closet, for one of our distinguished clients. With a focus on attainable luxury, our talented interior designers have crafted a space that caters to the tastes of our client’s higher-end audience. We have included additional secondary images and the 3D flatlay render that played a pivotal role in effectively conveying the initial design idea and colour palette. These supplementary images complement the main walk-in closet scene and show off the attention to detail the 3D artists have used throughout this project.

Navy 4 Panel Slab Bedroom Interior

Here’s another of our gorgeous CGI bedroom scenes featuring our client’s stylish bedroom furniture range. Our interior design team wanted to create a strong but sophisticated look for this set, and they achieved this with key statement props, abstract shapes and a punchy palette of navy, peach, and burnt orange. Once again we’ve included the 3D flat-lay render we created to communicate the vision to our client.
As usual our artists have tried their best to be meticulous with the details and lighting to create a photorealistic representation of our client’s vision and showcase their new bedroom furniture range in the best possible light.

Forest Green Shaker-Style Bedroom Interior

Here’s a recent bedroom interior from team Pikcells 🙂
We matched our clients new forest green Shaker-style furniture and cabinetry with the walls colour, to give this bedroom space a sleek sophisticated look. Our interior designers initially produced a flat-lay image which showcases all the elements and the colour combination they wanted to incorporate, which we’ve included alongside the interiors. We’re finding that they’re really useful to communicate the design to clients before producing a full interior (as well as looking great in brochures).
From the luxurious bedding to the intricate details of the furnishings, our 3D team have paid close attention to all the details making this bedroom both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Harbone Graphite Apartment Kitchen Interior

Here’s some of our recent images of a luxury apartment kitchen that our team design & created. The interior designers carefully curated every detail of this space, from the cleverly designed banquet seating, which has been cut-out in the breakfast bar area to save space – to the integrated drinks cabinet and bar area, perfect for entertaining guests. The client wanted to use graphite grey cabinetry, which we paired with a muted palette of organic beige textures creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. An abstract backsplash using geometric, monochrome cut tiles adds a bold eye-catching feature. The use of 3D was perfect for this client’s brochures and we could ensure that they were completely satisfied with the end result.
We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Harbone Green Multi-Functional Kitchen Interior

Here’s another of our impressive kitchen interiors. Our client gave us a lot more freedom to be creative with these designs giving our interiors team a chance to show off their creativity and pack in a number of current trends. The space is bright and inviting and perfectly captures the trend of families spending more time at home. The layout considers the need for clever storage spaces and uses the clients kitchen cabinetry in more diverse, ingenious ways. Our 3D artists have done an amazing job bringing every their vision and detail to life – from the textured green doors, smooth solid surfaces and to the soft cushions in the seating nook and snug lounge area. They also crafted additional dusk images for the client to emphasise and display their ambient LED lighting.
As usual we used 3DSMax and Chaos Corona for the majority of the scene, but additional work on the props and soft furnishings was completed in zbrush. Final colour accuracy and composition was completed with Photoshop and Black Magic Fusion.

See the full set of renders for this interior at https://www.pikcells.com/portfolio/uform-kitchen-cgi/

Tavola Black Kitchen and Dining Area

This kitchen CGI was designed around the brief of ‘Sleek Serenity’. Our interiors team built up a flat-lay image of all the elements that needed to be included in the kitchen (which we’ve included at the end of the set). They expanded the design brief, crafting a great place to host parties or spend quality time with the family. To create a greater impression of space the designers devised a hidden pantry by transforming tall larder storage cabinets into a stylish and practical utility room. The 3D team brought the concept to life, lighting the kitchen with an elegant, minimal skylight which really maximises the feeling of spaciousness.

We used 3DSMax and Corona here with some of the soft furnishings & props tweaked in zbrush. Image composition was completed with Black Magic Fusion and colour accuracy tweaks & additional compositing has been completed in Photoshop.

See the full set of renders for this interior at https://www.pikcells.com/portfolio/uform-kitchen-cgi/