Terrazzo Wet-Wall Bathroom

Our client wanted to exhibit their Terrazzo wet wall collection and supplied some trend shots they’d seen. Our designer elevated their initial concept adding a slatted wood wall to soften the lighting and add more wood to compliment the vanity unit textures.

Our 3D team brought the concepts to life, modelling the majority of the scene in 3DSMax. The towels were created using Zbrush, then hair and fur added using Corona Renderer to give a softer look. Final finishing touches and colour accuracy in Photoshop.

More of our bathroom CGI > https://www.pikcells.com/gallery/bathrooms

The Park – 3D Architectural Visualization by Pixarch

With more than 30 years’ experience on a global scale, The Ikon team has deep understanding and genuine passion for creating bespoke property developments. From concept to completion, the projects completed by The Ikon are designed with the client’s best interest in mind.
Pixarch was chosen over many other agencies by The Ikon to design High Quality 3D Views, Brochure, 3D Floor Plans and website for their latest project – The Park. This international project required dedication, meticulous efforts and the understanding of the mindset of the people living in Wolver Hampton. Pixarch’s team gave their 110% and did the project justice, which is evident from the work we completed for them.

Lofoten Islands

Hello to all,
This is my new personal project. The idea of this project was formed in my mind when I accidentally saw the images of the Lofoten Islands, Norway on the Internet and this attractive environment covered by snow with simple but lovely cabins heavily influenced me, and after investigation and viewing different images on the Internet and understanding the surroundings, I decided to simulate it in my free time so that you can see the result now.
The most important software was: 3dsmax, Corona render, Zbrush, PolySnow, PhoenixFD, Substance painter, Frost, World Machine, SpeedTree, Forest pack, Photoshop.
I hope you enjoy it.


Hello again, It’s been a while since my last post.

Winter weekend vibes by a lake.
The set of images are mixture of a commissioned and personal project, which I wanted to create some vignettes and styling in my own way.

All the furnishing and props are custom made with 3dsMax and ZBrush (except the dining table and the wooden stools are from Bertand Benoit, BBB3viz, who has been one of my favorite artists).
Textile layers are created with Marvelous Designer and finalised in Zbrush.
The rocks and stones are custom modeled and textured in ZBrush and used ForestPack and Multiscatter simultaneously. I have been a fan of both software which ease my workflow in different ways so I like to interchange.
All the plants, vegetation are custom made with GrowFx.
All the images are rendered with Vray.
You can view more renders on my website.