Inspired Kitchen CGI Collection

Here’s another gorgeous set of seven kitchen interiors created for one of our clients. Our interior design team collaborated with the client to plan and style these images with careful consideration selecting the cabinetry and surfaces, pairing them with popular interior styles and trends. Our skilled 3D team have taken care to recreate the each concept with some of the specialist furnishings and props being 3D modelled in-house. Additional cameo images have also been commissioned displaying alternative angles, LED lighting setups and cabinetry internal features.

Interior scenes use 3D Studio Max and are rendered with Corona Renderer. With additional modelling in Z-Brush and 3DSMax, image composition and colour grades completed in Fusion Studio. Additional tweaks, colour accuracy adjustments and photography comps were completed using Photoshop.

Cashmere Wardrobe Cabinetry

Our 3D team have done a first class job for one of our clients, creating this full 3D open wardrobe scene with an assortment of hanging and folded garments. We’ve tried to keep the interior props to a minimum here to leave the overall image uncluttered and focus attention on the wardrobe storage solutions.

We used 3DSMax + Corona for this one, modelling and additional props have been created using Zbrush and cloth simulations in Marvelous designer, with some further clothing models purchased from the 3D Sky library. Final colour accuracy and tweaks in Fusion and Photoshop.

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Santana Black Bedroom CGI

Here’s a dark, moody bedroom render which we completed recently for one of our furnishing clients. This is a re-style of one of our existing interiors, but our our designers did such a good job creating a cosy, darkened space full of luxury and sophistication that it deserves some recognition. There’s some great looking bedding on this one too which one of our artists loved sculpting.

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Minimal Retro-futuristic Kitchen Interior

Here’s a design-led interior we completed earlier in the year.
We often plan impactful CGI with our clients, packing in trends and details that enhance their products in the best possible way. We designed and produced this warm minimalist kitchen interior featuring retro-futuristic curves and arches. The designers included loads of organic textures to compliment the cabinetry finishes alongside heavily plastered walls and heaps of marble to strengthen the opulent elements of the design. With entertaining at home becoming more popular than ever, the interior is planned around communal island area, with a trendy banquet seating and an impressive home bar.

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Mornington Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

The brief for this kitchen interior was a spacious lived in family farmhouse kitchen with a mix of contemporary and traditional design elements. Our team crafted the 3D to our clients design adding character with chunky exposed timber beams and complimenting wooden furnishings. Plain white walls and the vaulted ceiling keep the interior feeling roomy, whilst the Shaker regiment green cabinetry adds a splash of organic colour.

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Crathorne Porcelain Kitchen Interior

To display the versatility of their traditional framed kitchen cabinetry, our client commissioned this interior with plenty of additional cameras set to exhibit the cabinetry and internal accessories. Shown in a calming shade of Porcelain, this kitchen has been meticulously crafted from the clients brief, ensuring the accuracy of their cabinetry as well as 3D modelling individual props and furnishings which were selected by our team of in-house stylists.

We used 3DSMax and Corona for the majority of this with some of the additional prop sculpting in Z-brush. For image composition used Fusion with the finishing touches (+ a few leafy bits) were completed in Photoshop to ensure colour accuracy.

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