Aldana Heritage Green Kitchen and Living Space

Our interior design team collaborated with the client to plan and style this heritage green kitchen and living space interior. We work closely with the clients publication team who have a passion for supplying stylish, high-end kitchens. The team started by building up a CGI flat lay image of products, colours and textures to draw inspiration for the final design. Our designers also introduced some bigger upcoming trends for 2022/2023 such as the large banquette seating area, integrated entertainment space and work-from-home area.

Our accomplished team of digital artists used 3DSMax and Zbrush to create the 3D interior, rendering using Chaos Corona. Colour accuracy and finishing touches were added using Adobe Photoshop and image compositing was done in Blackmagic Fusion Studio. They also created some brilliant close-up cameo images of the handle details and painted timber textures.

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Maida Kitchen Interior CGI

When our client told us they wanted a practical ‘urban oasis’ space with an indoor-outdoor atmosphere, our interior designers knew exactly where to start.
They designed this kitchen layout around a London house extension with lean-to skylights to bring in the natural light. The kitchen uses calming palette of duck egg and dust grey cabinetry which contract the industrial elements and exposed brick textures, such as exposed brickwork to match the context of the kitchen. Adding the work-from-home area keeps the layout functional and adds interest, breaking up the bank of tall storage units.

Our 3D artists used 3DSMax for the majority of the scene with some of the prop sculpting in Z-brush. The final renders were done in Corona with composition in Fusion. Finishing touches and leafy bits were added in Photoshop with some colour accuracy adjustments made to the cabinetry.

A place to fun

Hi guys,
I hope you are doing well, this is my personal project. the idea of the project when came up with I came across Þrídrangar lighthouse photos on the internet and I was immediately impressed by its pristine area. the violent waves that I wanted to have in my work and this were the hardest and most challenging part of my work. On the other hand, I wanted to create a place to have fun and tried to design a small house by myself which can have everything at my fingertips.
Software: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, ZBrush, Phoenix FD, Marvelous Designer, and Photoshop…
You can check out my website for more works:
I hope you like the project and enjoy watching it!

Inspired Kitchen CGI Collection

Here’s another gorgeous set of seven kitchen interiors created for one of our clients. Our interior design team collaborated with the client to plan and style these images with careful consideration selecting the cabinetry and surfaces, pairing them with popular interior styles and trends. Our skilled 3D team have taken care to recreate the each concept with some of the specialist furnishings and props being 3D modelled in-house. Additional cameo images have also been commissioned displaying alternative angles, LED lighting setups and cabinetry internal features.

Interior scenes use 3D Studio Max and are rendered with Corona Renderer. With additional modelling in Z-Brush and 3DSMax, image composition and colour grades completed in Fusion Studio. Additional tweaks, colour accuracy adjustments and photography comps were completed using Photoshop.

Cashmere Wardrobe Cabinetry

Our 3D team have done a first class job for one of our clients, creating this full 3D open wardrobe scene with an assortment of hanging and folded garments. We’ve tried to keep the interior props to a minimum here to leave the overall image uncluttered and focus attention on the wardrobe storage solutions.

We used 3DSMax + Corona for this one, modelling and additional props have been created using Zbrush and cloth simulations in Marvelous designer, with some further clothing models purchased from the 3D Sky library. Final colour accuracy and tweaks in Fusion and Photoshop.

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Santana Black Bedroom CGI

Here’s a dark, moody bedroom render which we completed recently for one of our furnishing clients. This is a re-style of one of our existing interiors, but our our designers did such a good job creating a cosy, darkened space full of luxury and sophistication that it deserves some recognition. There’s some great looking bedding on this one too which one of our artists loved sculpting.

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