Beautiful Day

Finished Realistic Render
My latest render using V-ray for Sketchup

*Interior Modeling to V-ray rendering
*Project title : BEAUTIFUL DAY
*Modeled, Visualized and Rendered by : Yours truly
*Software used : SketchUpPro2018 x V-ray Next 4.10 x PScs6
*Used 2 HDRIs :
-Abandoned tank farm 03 by Sergej Majboroda
-Abandoned hopper terminal 01 by Sergej Majboroda
*Resolution : 1300 x 1950

Rustic Brown SlatWall Lounge CGI

Our stylists absolutely love it when they get to create interiors with natural materials, so when our client commissioned these images with us we were delighted to work with them. The CGI team have interpreted our stylists vision perfectly here, crafting a gorgeous lounge with geometric elements and on trend colour combinations.

5th Avenue Tower | Wine Cellar

5th Avenue Tower | Wine Cellar

Rather than having a purely functional character, the Wine Cellar of 5th Avenue Tower is an invitation to new discoveries.
The gesture of its design exposes the weight and subtlety very carefully through a simple composition, a highly refined materiality and an intimate ambience, offering a singular wine tasting experience with a privileged backdrop over Manhattan which refines the senses and sharpens the taste.

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