Quatro Plaza

Quatro Plaza is an office building located in Warsaw, Jana Kazimierza street. It has 5 floors and 2 floors of underground parking. Facade is made from concrete slabs arranged in different directions to achieve 3d shapes.

Simon’s House

I wanted to convert a piece from Simon Stalenhag into 3D. This is my humble tribute to this great artist.
I added the fog in the compositor node of Blender helped by two images I created in Gimp.
I used two fantastic add-ons, The Cycles Material Vault, and the Grass Essentials.

Hackney Shed

I used only 3dsmax and Corona Renderer for this piece. Textures are all hand painted and this is the raw render with no post processing done. No HDRI image. Lighting was achieved with a number of lights in the scene. The books are also handpainted as well as the text on them. Textures were hand painted using Photoshop and some textures using Blender 3d painting feature. Viewport Canvas (3dsmax painting feature) was also used for hand painting textures.