Modular Office Shelving CGI (Set 1)

Last year we created a full CG office interior for one of our clients to display their new line of sofas. The client returned with a new brief, this time to create a striking modern office interiors, showcasing their new range of modular shelving. The shelving product has been specifically designed for storage and zoning in open plan workspaces. It uses a triangular framework which can be configured with shelves, lockers and cupboards to suit almost any office environment.

The interior has been planned by our in house design team before being produced in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

We’ve also created a clever online configurator tool for the shelving if anyone wants to play around with configurations –


2020 taught us two words, if nothing else ‘pandemic’ and ‘quarantine’. It asked us to hide away and coop up from society, threatening our lives, loves ones and livelihoods. While the world hid, some rose to fight back, to stand a chance against the virus. Here I portray a railway station I used to frequent – always overflown with bustling life. This year I visit, to find it emptied all except the sanitation worker, busy in the task. A proud tribute to these brave warriors, for their selfless hardwork through this pandemic.

Beach Pavilion

To kickstart 2021, I reused the pavilion I designed for last year’s tomorrow challenge in a seaside context. I realised afterwards that the pavilion was more adapted to a natural landscape. The tiles are made with recycled plastic so it made sense to choose a beach. I also reused the NY Betterbin i modelled for the challenge.

Model credit : Deep3studio – Renderpeople – 3Dcap – Avatarium


FIPC Fundación Social Alberto Merani is the oldest and most important foundation in Colombia dedicated to improving the quality of education without subsidies or donations. It has a network of 100 private and official schools that have managed to match the academic results of rich and developed countries.

The Foundation developed the giga-schools with the vision of bringing thousands and thousands of children from the base of the educational pyramid, to the level of students in rich and developed countries and thus fulfill the mission of solving poverty without using subsidies, through education.

Thus, the objective of the foundation between 2020 and 2030 is to provide free and high-quality education to 100,000 Colombian students, without using subsidies, making free giga-schools in 5 to 10 macro-projects of social housing.

In conclusion, giga-schools are educational establishments that manage to rapidly improve the academic quality of their students through pedagogies and places that break down the barriers of traditional education. These infrastructures are installed on land authorized by the municipality, which must be provided with public service networks. In this way, the Foundation builds the school with its own resources and operates by managing the joint properties; at least until the last student to enter earns her degree.