Apartment in Moscow CGI Design

Apartment in Novopeschanaya Moscow Russia project executed by Aiya Design in the year 2018.

Studio personal project re-rendering to test the lighting and other elements, certain elements of the interior design changed as per own taste and preferences of our design team but the layout is the same as per original execution.

Project Link on Archdaily.

Full high resolution renders on Behance, Project Link.

The Tine Cabin

This is a project of a tiny lake cabin in the woods. The point of this work was not only to provide architectural documentation for a client but study new workflow for architectural visualization.

Unic Project

When you think of Spain, you probably get associations with sea, siesta and something pleasant.

When you think of a house of your dream by the sea, you probably mean everything that is already implemented in Unic Project for Aedas Homes, i.e. having a house near the sea with lots of greenery and a panoramic view out the window.

Project: Unic Project
Architects: Maíz+Herrada Arquitectos
Real Estate Developer: AEDAS Homes
Location: Jávea, Alicante, Spain

Photorealistic 3D Home Rendering Denver Colorado

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Bohusgatan project is created for our standing client – Object 360. This is a mix-used building located on the same-name street -Bohusgatan in Stockholm.

The architecture of the building fits into the structure of the city in a time-typical way with a design that has urban qualities.

The building has a high glass ground floor with commercial spaces and the residential floors above have been articulated with bay windows and shallow balconies that divide the facade vertically.
As you can see, the towers of the building are visible in the distance, and they have a solid facade cladding of slate. The roofs are made from the same material as the facade.

MORE WORKS ON: https://omegarender.com/gallery


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