Liminal Spaces #2

The concept of liminal refers to an intermediate state or condition; an in-between moment in which an entity has characteristics of what it is between, but at the same time is separate and distinct from them.

In architecture, there is a tendency to confine spaces by separating one context from another, creating a tangible differentiation. This is a system that works with the “either/or” logic and leaves no room to a “both/and” approach, producing self-contained envelopes.

The liminal stage is a singularity characterized by an ambiguity in its definition. It is a space, which is essentially temporary and transitional. A moment between fixed constants.

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Bathroom Visualisation

Tasked with creating a series of 3d product renders for our bathroom fixtures and fittings client we designed and modelled this bathroom using the talents of our interior design team. We went with monochromatic theme with a minimalistic and slightly retro look & feel.

We used 3ds max, corona and photoshop as the primary software. We used marvelous designer for the towel and growfx for all the vegetation. Hope you like it!

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Polar Station

We have created a conceptual project of research polar station located in the taiga, not far from the “Land of Hope” ethnic settlement, in the mountains of the Polar Urals.

This polar station is a year-round and fully autonomous complex, created on the basis of renewable energy sources and hydrogen energy, without diesel fuel.
A unique platform is being created for international cooperation of engineers, researchers, scientists and young scientists

“As an artist, I wanted to achieve the feeling of touching something unknown, like another planet. The observer receives a full range of emotions and goes a long way from alienation to love for this place. In the first images, the building is shown in the distance, in bad weather, but gradually we trying to get closer to the object, walk towards and in the end we enjoy the beautiful northern lights in the background of the polar station.”

Com 3

Com3 is a project completed with steadiness and perfection using the latest technology of ‘Chroma Shooting’.
For Com3 intensive video compositing and Chroma shooting were done. Chroma Shooting is a technique used to combine real action footage with 3D graphics. Hollywood style camera matching techniques were also used. Many artists were used to create the Chroma sets and there was a big production process involved to achieve outstanding results. Real actors were hired for the shoots and Pixarch completed the shooting in a mere 2 days’ time. This was a challenge to do as it required a lot of planning and leg work.
A ‘Making of’ documentary was also produced by Pixarch which showcased the production process for its architectural animation. In addition, Pixarch rendered its services for brochure designing, TV commercial, and architectural walkthrough for this elegant skyscraper.

Gulberg Arena by Pixarch

In the race of being better and bigger than ourselves in the past, Pixarch has yet again pushed the boundaries of Visualizations to another extreme. Focusing our efforts in making your imagination be as close to reality as it can be, We at Pixarch leave no tactic, technique or craft unturned as we forge new ways of facilitating our clients and fulfilling their visual needs.