Pictures from Corona Land #1 – winter scene

I would like to introduce first chapter of my new personal project. I created full CG generated images focused on strict photography approach. I used Corona for Cinema 4D render engine which produce outstanding quality and offer very handy and flexible workflow. First time during CG project I was feel free as a photographer. Apart of the photography attitude, cold winter, falling snow effect simulation was also important and quite easy to achieve in full 3d scene with motion blur, volumetric fog and a lot of detailed displacements. We can show much more than only to present real things. We can introduce sense feelings too. Nowadays the realism factor comes smooth and I believe that I will stop being divided soon. Divided to a CG and photography artist.

Chapter #2 is coming…

Thank you for watching!

Nouvelle Mesure Office Project

Nouvelle Mesure office is a project done to imagine our dream studio. I’m also archicted and i wanted to combine architecture creation and visualization.
Two volumes are articuled around a central entrance hall. The left one represent our archviz studio, the second one our lab (3d assets store)
Moreover, all environment assets are from our store ( I used Scott pines and Cajuns Grass Pack.
Scene Plugins : Forest pack & Railclone
For this project, i used vray cloud for rendering animation (really fast !). After effect for AE for post production, Arion FX was strong and helpfull to give a nice impact.
Axyz Anima was used for the rigged walking man.
This is a Full CGI project. Hope you like it 😉

Making of Clear Lake House

Celebrating winter time, here’s a look back to a great making of article by Angel Kostov, from the Bulgarian studio 1equals2, shared their CG recreation of the Clear Lake Cottage by MJMA on the Blog’s Facebook Group and today I’m very happy to share the making of the beautiful snowy image that was part of the set they initially shared.

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DM Residence

DM Residence located in Belgium by CUBYC architects bvba in 2013. This house by a continuous play of coupled volumes, all interacting with each other. That play gives the inhabitants different perspectives and spatial experiences. All living areas are visual with each other, and with the wooded area connected, but you have to find out these connections in phases. Each room has its own perspective. Doors and window frames are as minimal as possible present.

We are very inspired by this project. Express forms, nice design, good feel of architecture. Our team tried to make a fresh view from archviz side based on photos by Koen Van Damme and Thomas de Bruyne. This project is good experience for us. All work process was very interesting by find a daylight with sun, create night environment and give this project realistic atmosphere.