Two Tastes

So there is not that much about this project really. It is a personal project that focuses on creating a visually appealing, emotion evoking visualization where the sofa is in the center of attention.

These types of projects are a great way to experiment with workflows and moods so that you can get a better idea of what could help clients stand out amongst the crowd.

Instead of just creating an evenly lit interior shot, one can try to experiment and try to invoke emotions in the viewer.

Nesaj Townhouse by Pixarch

Pixarch has beautifully portrayed Nesaj Townhouse as encircled by the palm lined boulevards and picturesque cityscapes which lend to openness with a vast vision of the far stretched landscape. The villa styled townhouses are depicted in a spacious outlook with a wide front and back area. Each and every angle of the splendorous space is magnified to show even the minutest details for an entire structural essence.

Infinite Patterns

Personal project that seeks to establish connections between various fields that interest me deeply: geometry, and how it appears linked to nature, on the one hand, and to art and architecture, on the other; raising relations between all of them. Somehow it would mean the fusion of the interests of two of my previous works: Nature by Numbers and Ars Qubica.

Rêve lucide

Rêve lucide, school building design for an architecture competition, located in Prêles (CH) by Verve Architekten. Rendered with vrayforc4d as always and more photoshop than usual 😉 I hope you like it. Feedback is very welcome! Saludos

Making of Queen Alia Airport

Marcin ‘NEB’ Jastrzebski’s ‘Queen Alia Airport’ visual, recreating the real deal designed by Foster + Partners in Amman, Jordan, awarded him with Best Visualization of the Week NO. 15/2016 for a remarkable CG remake modeled with Modo and Cinema4d, rendered with Corona Renderer and masterfully orchestrated for the final result in Photoshop. Follow this Making of Queen Alia Airport article as Marcin describes his process, focusing more on key principals then the technical aspects. Enjoy!

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Modern Exterior

Who does not like mornings with hot, aromatic, brewed coffee? This project was carried out while enjoying this moment, tasting the taste and aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee beans. It is a modern style, materials from which it was built is stone and wood. This is an original connection. The surroundings placed around this architecture in one of the pictures are presented in the morning weather. Sunlight falls on the ground and the window reflects the surroundings. The second weather is rainy. The sky is overcast and there are drops of rain on the glass. Around the architecture there is a lot of free space, this is due to the order to obtain the effect of minimalism.