The Making of a Virtual Reality Experience for ArchViz with Unity

Always curious about implementing VR in ArchViz, I found a great article on Allegorithmic’s blog by Mirko Vescio from Oneiroes featuring the use of Unity. I kindly asked him if he can dive a bit deeper into the process, and that he did. The project covered in this article actually features a collaboration with Unity to showcase their HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) through a virtual walkthrough of their newly opened London office, designed and built by M Moser Associates.

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NYC yellow Taxi

An image I have re-rendered yesterday. Its a simple scene showing few buildings I had modeled recently for New York and Stockholm projects. Was also trying to improve my road material since the last attempt + some other textures I have been testing recently. Lighting using PGSkies 1313 only 🙂

Check full resolution 8K render here :
You can find more on my instagram : Jawowski_3d

The TimeRide VR Experience

Dive into this insight-packed case study by GROUND STUDIOS showing an inside look at their CG production of TimeRide VR. It is a new attraction for tourists and Cologne citizens including a unique multi-user out-of-home VR experience. Anima by AXYZ Design played a significant role in this one, along the other apps mentioned in this article. Enjoy it!

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