Modern Apartment – Realtime VR

Project developed with an intent of giving a client a chance to fully explore the design in Realtime VR using CGI. Modeled in blender and developed in Unity HDRP. Project content is a Realtime Walkthrough video, a VR recording of the project and some still images generated from the project.

The process of working on this project was really interesting and fun.

First I created entire model in Blender and I have made some reference renders for the right lighting I wanted to achieve in Unity. I used a shadowmasking technique in Unity HDRP to get nice soft light within the apartment and I needed to learn a little about lightmapping and proper polygon management to make this project run smoothly. Finally I added a VR functionality using an Oculus Quest 2 and some little C# coding.

Winston Mall & Residencia 3D Real Estate Visualization by Pixarch

Winston Mall is a bundle of luxuries offered at one place. It’s a Residential Building along with Luxury Hotels and Glorious Shopping Mall. Pixarch remarkably availed this splendid opportunity and portrayed luxuries in an affluent style of minutest features exhibited in an alluring manner of realistic features.

From the 3D modeling of breath-taking exteriors to the sensational interiors everything is beautifully visualized in a detailed way to provide on-lookers a complete sense of clarity to visualize their future in the monuments they are investing on in present.


Pixarch redefines the boundaries of Retal Residence through its outstanding visualization. With a customer centric approach and creative ingenuity, Pixarch releases its virtuoso power to empower the internationally acclaimed residential community. From its pivotal location to its prestigious landings, all are portrayed with precision.

These well-resourced residential units are uniquely angled to uplift the appearance which exceed the concept of luxury. Pixarch pulls off the nursery illustrations as well as the watery element effects in the pool plus bath views brilliantly. With an impressive series of animation and angles, Pixarch certainly places Retal Residence at the crest of construction.


Pixarch actualizes the ARY Laguna dream as the first of its kind resort-styled community in Pakistan. The breathtaking scenes of this out of this world urban haven around a marvellous man-made beach are portrayed through a larger than life Pixarch lens. The visual attractions in the virtual walkthroughs of residential and recreational layouts are vibrantly created for a complete vacation mode effect. Pixarch zooms in with the three-dimensional photorealistic views for the prominent projection of the mega project with its all-rounder appeal. Each space is projected with spacious and spectacular surroundings for complete viewing pleasure.

The digital compositing and diversity in deliverance uplift the frames and features to depict high-resolution quality for an impressive impact. Pixarch expertly engages the visual forms for a magnified insight into the envisioned essence for an extraordinary experience. The conceptual creation of ARY Laguna is certainly par excellence with Pixarch’s 360-degree virtuosity solutions.

Manazel Al Safa

In the fast moving world of 3D ANIMATION, Pixarch has set yet another clients vision into a beautiful reality by introducing AL SAFA 3D HD ANIMATION. A task given by the management of AL SAFA to push the limits of HIGH DETAILING WORK and artistic approach to the next level, Pixarch has left no stone unturned to make this remarkable project as one of the happening project of Jeddah. 3D HD VIEWS of Al SAFA also reflects the expertise of Pixarch in this industry.


A true honor. We feel deeply blessed and humbled that we are able to provide and create content for the houses of the Almighty. Masjid-e-Taqwa, a Lahore based project, is a mosque that is one of its kind. Built to proffer a complete feeling of spiritual bliss over the visitor.
The Mosque was intricate for us to create at Pixarch as it required more underlying meaning to its cause and creation. We really wanted to create imagery that gives the liveliness of the Mosque and shows its grandeur in the most magnificent fashion. We were able to accomplish our goal by creating one of the most unique walkthroughs and 3D imagery for this blessed project. We were able to do justice to this grand project through hard-work and because of our dedication towards it.