Manazel Al Safa

In the fast moving world of 3D ANIMATION, Pixarch has set yet another clients vision into a beautiful reality by introducing AL SAFA 3D HD ANIMATION. A task given by the management of AL SAFA to push the limits of HIGH DETAILING WORK and artistic approach to the next level, Pixarch has left no stone unturned to make this remarkable project as one of the happening project of Jeddah. 3D HD VIEWS of Al SAFA also reflects the expertise of Pixarch in this industry.


A true honor. We feel deeply blessed and humbled that we are able to provide and create content for the houses of the Almighty. Masjid-e-Taqwa, a Lahore based project, is a mosque that is one of its kind. Built to proffer a complete feeling of spiritual bliss over the visitor.
The Mosque was intricate for us to create at Pixarch as it required more underlying meaning to its cause and creation. We really wanted to create imagery that gives the liveliness of the Mosque and shows its grandeur in the most magnificent fashion. We were able to accomplish our goal by creating one of the most unique walkthroughs and 3D imagery for this blessed project. We were able to do justice to this grand project through hard-work and because of our dedication towards it.

Falcon Logistics Park by Pixarch

Falcon Logistics Park is a large locale of warehouses for your business and logistical affairs, providing an advantage due to its crucial spot, located at M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass. Made to provide ease of access for your inventory, products and such, Falcon Logistics Park, is a sure way to making an impact in supply chain management for your business..
A unique project, that brought a new challenge on the workspaces of Pixarch. We took this challenge whole-heartedly and not only completed in a timely fashion but also provided services that were beyond satisfactory. We articulately designed the Walkthrough for the whole project and created the 3D imagery as well as the brochure of the project from scratch. We at Pixarch provided services with the highest quality of output, due to our modern working environment and experience in the industry.

Dallas Aquatic Hotel & Resort by Pixarch

“…and we always strive to complete challenges that are unique.”- Words spoken by one of the Art Directors at Pixarch. Dallas Aquatic Hotel & Resort is a U.S based project that was subject to lot of excruciating moderations, natively due to the Project developers not being satisfied with the outcome.
Pixarch took up the challenge and catered to a new market half-way across the globe. Pixarch was not only able to satisfy the client by exacting the level of detail and realism required by them but even surpassed their expectations. From creating photo-realistic underwater views to showcasing a world of pure leisure in a way that is a feast to the eyes itself, Pixarch used the latest of technology and creative techniques to come up with the highest level of output for Dallas Aquatic Hotel & Resort.

Omni KA

First of its kind and unique to the land, Omni Karting Circuit is a new and state-of-the-art Kart Racing Circuit located in Karachi, Pakistan. Pixarch took up the challenge and ensured the client that their expertise is not limited to residential or commercial real-estate but have heavy prowess in 3D visualization, that enables them to create realistic views of all that is required.
From the fine details of the grainy asphalt to the feeling of rush that is proffered to the viewer, Pixarch perfectly crafted the visuals required to give this amazing project the limelight it deserves. Using high-level 3D Graphics, superior visuals and dynamic moviemaking techniques, Pixarch was able to create the perfect 3D Walkthrough and Photorealistic views for Omni Karting Circuit.

Park View City

From concept to creation- Park View City Islamabad is now becoming a reality. Pixarch has facilitated its clients with end to end ad campaigns prior to their launch via specialist expertise such as 3D rendering, 3D high definition animation and photorealistic views.
Our work ethics centers around ‘imagination’ we take pleasure in stretching our thoughts and ideas to give our clients a unique insight and a different perspective on their project ‘Imagination’ is what pushes the creativity in our team to a new level which in turn reflects in our ad campaigns.
And now we want to give you the exposure you have been looking for by availing our services rest with certainty that you and your project will be the next ‘Talk of the Town.’
So sit back, relax and let us do the visual story telling for you.