Dallas Aquatic Hotel & Resort by Pixarch

“…and we always strive to complete challenges that are unique.”- Words spoken by one of the Art Directors at Pixarch. Dallas Aquatic Hotel & Resort is a U.S based project that was subject to lot of excruciating moderations, natively due to the Project developers not being satisfied with the outcome.
Pixarch took up the challenge and catered to a new market half-way across the globe. Pixarch was not only able to satisfy the client by exacting the level of detail and realism required by them but even surpassed their expectations. From creating photo-realistic underwater views to showcasing a world of pure leisure in a way that is a feast to the eyes itself, Pixarch used the latest of technology and creative techniques to come up with the highest level of output for Dallas Aquatic Hotel & Resort.

Omni KA

First of its kind and unique to the land, Omni Karting Circuit is a new and state-of-the-art Kart Racing Circuit located in Karachi, Pakistan. Pixarch took up the challenge and ensured the client that their expertise is not limited to residential or commercial real-estate but have heavy prowess in 3D visualization, that enables them to create realistic views of all that is required.
From the fine details of the grainy asphalt to the feeling of rush that is proffered to the viewer, Pixarch perfectly crafted the visuals required to give this amazing project the limelight it deserves. Using high-level 3D Graphics, superior visuals and dynamic moviemaking techniques, Pixarch was able to create the perfect 3D Walkthrough and Photorealistic views for Omni Karting Circuit.

Park View City

From concept to creation- Park View City Islamabad is now becoming a reality. Pixarch has facilitated its clients with end to end ad campaigns prior to their launch via specialist expertise such as 3D rendering, 3D high definition animation and photorealistic views.
Our work ethics centers around ‘imagination’ we take pleasure in stretching our thoughts and ideas to give our clients a unique insight and a different perspective on their project ‘Imagination’ is what pushes the creativity in our team to a new level which in turn reflects in our ad campaigns.
And now we want to give you the exposure you have been looking for by availing our services rest with certainty that you and your project will be the next ‘Talk of the Town.’
So sit back, relax and let us do the visual story telling for you.

New City Arcade

New City Arcade required dedication, meticulous efforts and the understanding of the mindset of the people living in Islamabad. Pixarch’s team gave their 110% which is evident from the work Pixarch completed for New City Arcade.
The 3D Views of the project were captured in stunning 3D architectural visualization and 3D floor plans. The Quality of All the Visuals in 4K
New City Arcade is located in New City Phase II, Main Commercial Area on Main Islamabad Motorway. The New Airport is merely 20 minutes’ drive and Zero Point; F-10 is 30 minutes’ drive. This convenient location was selected due to its clean and pollution free environment to entertain people coming into Islamabad.
Pixarch was given the task to bring the vision of the “World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall” to life and we did so with high resolution 4K 3D views, images, floor plans and 3D Animation with Chroma Shoot.

Al Marsa

Al-Marsa is a beach residential and commercial project located on Half-moon beach in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Pixarch was given the task to bring the vision of a beach paradise to life and we did so with high resolution 3D views, images, floor plans and architectural visualization.
Since Al-Marsa was an entirely new concept of living in Saudi Arabia, every little detail of the project was needed to be brought to life through state-of-the-art graphics and 3D modelling. The animation video created by Pixarch for Al-Marsa encapsulated the entire project with beauty and elegance and transformed the vision of a beach heaven into reality.

Mall of Wah

When the essence of creativity, innovation and invention is weaved together, from the outcomes rises an awe-inducing radiance that is unfathomable. Presenting to you now the heart and soul of Wah Cantt- Mall Of Wah which finds itself situated impeccably in a locale that is not only one of the fastest-growing areas but also a site vital to its route. The grandeur of Mall Of Wah is represented in its location, taking its form on one of Asia’s oldest & longest major roads, The G.T Road.
We at Pixarch provided the required outcomes to the management of Mall Of Wah in the timeliest fashion. The experienced professional at Pixarch initially worked on the animation and brochure design. The resulting material of which completely wooed the Mall Of Wah project builders as Pixarch was chosen to create all the marketing and showcasing collaterals for the project. Pixarch made Animations, TVC, 3D Images, 2D Floor Plan, designed brochures and even developed the website for this new architecture from scratch. We take utter pride in the work done by us for Mall of Wah.