Forest Pack 7 Released

Forest Pack 7 is out now with an impressive lineup of features and updates that cements its reputation as the most flexible scattering tool on the market.

To see a full description of the new release including embeddable videos please visit the Forest Pack 7: See The Light page. For the full changelog, please visit our documentation site.

For this release iToo focused on expanding Forest Pack 7’s versatility starting with the ability to scatter lights using any of Forest Pack’s powerful distribution modes and randomization tools.

The new version also adds real-time support with a new beta exporter for Unity alongside support for Chaos Vantage and Unreal Engine via Datasmith. Corona users can now benefit from Forest Pack’s invaluable animation modes and the library browser has been completely rewritten to make finding and adding assets a pleasure.

Talking of assets, color matching assets when they come from different sources just got much easier thanks to new tools that allow users to quickly tweak the hue saturation and value of entire scatters, and even limit the affected colors based on their hue.

In addition to new features, Forest Pack 7 also adds new content. Two completely new libraries are included, bringing the total number to 15 collections, comprising over 430 individual presets and assets. As always, these libraries are included free of charge, in fact. buying the libraries separately would almost certainly cost several times the price of the plugin.

Find out more about Forest Pack 7 Here!


Forest Pack 7 is available to download now for users with an active maintenance plan. Forest Pack 7 Lite is also now available which includes all of the new features mentioned above.

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