Creating Detailed Sand with Forest Pack

iToo Software has released a new Forest Pack tips and tricks installment created by guest writer Mickael Riciotti, environment artist at Unit Image in Paris. Inspired by a recent article on FX Guide about creating the sand using Houdini for Pixar’s short film Piper, Mikael wanted to see if he could create a similar look with 3ds Max, V-Ray and Forest Pack Pro.

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3D Modelling the DoubleTree Venice North Hotel

I remember seeing this iToo Software presentation during State of Art Academy Ad#5. It was pretty cool seeing them building the hotel in which the event took place! That simple twist to the exercise emphasized to all of us there that the ability to see parametric objects all around us can be developed by anyone if he only observes. Today, this scene along with a detailed how-to is being released so those who weren’t able to attend can benefit from it too. Enjoy!

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Best of Week 24/2016 by Andrei Mikhalenko was about recreating a strong image he carried in his mind for some time. It was a personal project in which he bonded the winter harvested field concept with a house he designed later on to fit. This work focused heavily on creating the environment using GrowFx and Forest Pack. Besides these, Andrei also used 3dsmax and V-Ray to create the final images. Dive into this detailed making of the “Winterhill”. Enjoy!

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Scattering on Vertical Surfaces with Forest Pack Pro

iToo Software has released a new Forest Pack tips and tricks episode to illustrate how the plugin can be used to scatter on vertical surfaces to create green walls. As well as going through the basics they share some tips on using and painting planting plans, as well as demonstrating how Forest Pack and RailClone can work together to make a fully parametric setup.

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