Major update to MultiScatter, now includes MultiPainter!

iCube R&D released a major update to my favorite scattering plugin for 3dsmax – MultiScatter. The new version now includes MultiPainter, a tool for scattering objects over any surface using a virtual paintbrush. This is a most welcome addition to this amazing and useful tool.

MultiPainter can arrange objects on the surface using a virtual paintbrush. This does not create additional geometries which therefore simplifies the process of working with large arrays of objects. Placement can be done both on one and multiple surfaces at the same time. Multiple objects of different types can be scattered simultaneously.

MultiPainter includes most current types of randomisations available for MultiScatter objects. Once created MultiPainter objects can be modified in several ways, including changing their location, scale, rotation, as well as creating copies.

Check out this short video to see how it works

Animated objects are also supported. In addition it is possible to convert MultiScatter objects into MultiPainter with few restrictions.

MultiPainter objects are fully compatible with V-Ray and Mental Ray.

You can get it and more info at the MultiScatter Forum

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  1. gerrard sanders
    gerrard sanders says:

    It is certainly nothing new as advanced painter (which is free). hmmm loss of money for this feature, I think.

    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      It’s not a new concept, but a feature that was missing in MultiScatter and now, as a user, I have it and it is cool!

      Besides, Advanced Painter was last updated in July 2008 and as great as it is you can’t really handle vary large amounts of objects with it and the screen performance suffers from it…

      It is still great for small scale fast scatters… especially using the built in geometry types.

      Any other thoughts about it are more then welcome 🙂

  2. Martin Zmeskal
    Martin Zmeskal says:

    Great feature, very flexible…nice addition to already big amount of features Multiscatter offers. I am very happy with it. If only the licencing were more flexible…

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