Forest Pack Pro 3.7.1 Beta Released

I’m normally don’t get so worked up about a beta release, but iToo Software has been very busy adding features and fine tuning Forest Pack Pro and it shows in the new 3.7.1b release. The introduction of multiple areas, real-time feedback, painting and better spline & overall control make it even stronger landscaping solution then ever before (and you can do much more than just landscaping with it as you know).

The new beta brings with it some interesting and powerful new features (as well as many fixes too):

  • Multiple areas by object.
  • Scattering performance improved.
  • Collision detection with external objects.
  • New Paint tool integrated with areas.
  • Improved performance for complex splines.
  • Scale falloff by distance to the camera.

Check out the video showcasing all the new good stuff… but before you do – make sure you did grab the free Lake with Pier scene that was provided here a few days ago.

Make sure to read the full Forest Pack Pro 3.7.1 Bete Release Announcement on the iToo’s forum… Now I’ll go an play with it a bit more 😉

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    • RealSpace3D
      RealSpace3D says:

      @ronenbekerman We use Maya, and have used the paint geometry tool (from Maya bonus tools). Its more general-purpose, and you have the set up the options right, but does a good job of painting on trees.

  1. ChristianMiranda
    ChristianMiranda says:

    Simply wonderful. The new features, specialy the painting tool and the parametric changes make the product a “must have” for serious landscaping projects. I wish I had it on time for my CityLife entry! 🙂

  2. TAvisual
    TAvisual says:

    I usually use multiscatter for such things like grass and trees scattering but i think Forest Pack improved a lot since last release, and painting tool is one of the most important thing for a scattering plugin 🙂

    Real-time geometry exclusion is another great add 😉

    I still prefer multiscatter but i’m gonna give a try with FP too !

  3. Roger Stemsrudhagen
    Roger Stemsrudhagen says:

    Does anyone here have experience with Groundwiz from Gugila? How do you think it compares to Forest Pack and other packages?

    • leomanzo
      leomanzo says:

      @Roger Stemsrudhagen Gugila is an excelent option, but ForesPack is much better from this beta version.

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