3D Studio Max Script, Building Generator v0.7

A new version of the Building Generator is out with many new features and improvements. This is a very impressive script and the development of it is really fast and I can see how it can be very useful for me to generate city backdrops for urban visualizations for example.

New features highlights

Custom object support

One can now add custom objects to the wall/door facades. Each custom object added can be easily modified and placed on the facades, by tweaking the settings in the custom object rollouts that appear in the wall/door layer managers. Many custom objects can be added to a façade design as you like, and each custom object has orientation/position/scale offset controls, as well as material and distribution controls.

Preset files improved

They have been re-coded as binary files for faster input/output an are also able to save custom objects and material settings.

Brand new randomization system has been added to Building Generator

Allowing super-quick generation of randomized floor layers, wall layers, door layers and roof layers.
Here is an example of a set of buildings made in conjunction with the randomization system – just by clicking the randomize button!


Building Interiors can now be created with light objects.

Instead of having to fake lights with a texture, you can now generate simple geometry lights on the ceilings of interiors.


Check out the CGTalk thread for this script too for the full new feature list and more information.