Free Lake with Pier Scene

Long time blog & challenges sponsor, iToo Software, created a very nice 3d landscaped scene that combines distribution of trees, grass and rocks over a terrain. You can download now the Lake with Pier scene, ready to render on 3DS Max 2010 or higher, with Forest Pack Pro 3.6 and VRay.

Make sure you check the readme file that comes with this scene for the terms of use, as well as for the HQ Plants that are integrated inside.

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    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

      @paguthrie Very… the use the standard fog in this one I think… looks rather nice in the preview image… I tested it vs. the VRay Fog with a gizmo like you showcased in AD2 and it actually looks better then the VRay one so far… did not check render times yet. Will keep playing with it… but I need to get around the VRay Fog better first.

  1. Georgess
    Georgess says:

    Why is it all 3DS max. Thousands of CGI artists are now using Cinema 4D (vrayforc4d) yet all files etc are with 3ds max in mind. (with all due respect)


    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

      @Georgess Well, Forest Pack is for 3dsmax – so this is why… but I’m all for some Cinema4D love too 😉

      3dsmax does seem to be most popular for archviz… so if you do use Cinema4D please tell us here what you use for scattering things like lots of trees, grass & rocks.

      • Georgess
        Georgess says:

        @ronenbekerman Hi Ronen, thanks for the response, at the moment I’m more into interiors and very new to the amazing world of CGI. 100% self taught in vrayforc4d so not doing much scattering at the moment 🙂

        next step, to move to exteriors so I’ll get back to you in a few weeks/months (I hope)

        I have a site, can I email the URL to you, not sure if I can share it on here.

        Great site by the way, can learn a thing or 2 from here 🙂 so a big thanks to you.

        Regards, George

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