New HQ Plants / HD Flowers Vol. 01 / Roses

Konstantin Kim’s 3DMentor released a new HQ Plant collection of high-definition 3d rose flowers ready for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D supporting Mental Ray, V-Ray, V-Ray for C4D, Maxwell Render and Fryrender. You can also benefit from a 25% discount on all HQ Plant collections until July 7, 2011.

I started to use HQ Plants collections a few month ago, and I love them so much I started to actively promote them, as-well as GrowFX and the Forest Pack (graceful disclosure for the record).

I use them for single item placements in small scenes like private houses and scatter on a large-scale using either Forest Pro or MultiScatter. They look good an do well even near camera… although, you might have to do some custom high detail trees of your own for “in your face” type of positions (expect an in-depth GrowFX tutorial by studio xoio to be published within a week). The latest rose flowers pack however, was built to look good at any distance.

The new collection comes packed with 40 high and low detail 3d models of rose flowers, realistically textured and ready to use inside 3ds Max or Cinema 4D supporting V-Ray, V-Ray for C4D, Mental Ray, Maxwell Render and Fryrender.

Demo Scene

The collection comes with this demo scene, so you can start right away and test the files. This scene requires the use of the Forest Pack plugin by iToo Software. You can just download the free Forest Pack Lite version and use it for the demo scene.


Free Samples

In the box below you will find several sample files from all the HQ Plants Collections for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D as well as PDF catalogs so you can check the complete content of each collection too.

The C4D versions are courtesy of and this is the related thread were they posted the free files on with more information – HQ Plants Free C4D Samples

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  1. Dror
    Dror says:


    Bro, these flowers really look real. I think they just might look a little too good 🙂

  2. rodut1112
    rodut1112 says:

    Finally c4d and vray for c4d is getting some attention.I saw a lot of amazing renders made in c4d lately.Hope to see more.

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