130 Free XFrogPlants Now Available!

XFrog Inc. has made available for you to download 130 free 3d plant and tree models from each of the 30 XfrogPlants libraries! Three to nine 3d plant models are included in each of the 30 species they provide (with all major formats included), and best of all, they are completely FREE! Download the plants, browse their documentation PDFs and try in your favorite software.

An important tip, regarding the rendering of opacity mapped leaves (In VRay, but probably in most other render engines too), is to make sure you remove filtering in the alpha/opacity map. This is crucial to make alpha mapped leaves render faster. If you are using Forest Pack Pro, then you have a built in Material Optimizer that can take of this for you for faster renders.

Now that you know that… Go ahead and explore them out!

  • Great stuff ronen, thanks!

  • Monad

    cool! Hope they are high Q 🙂

  • Marcus

    Thanks for the heads up, Ronen!

    When you say, to “remove filtering in the alpha/opacity map”, what does that mean?

    • Lucky_lux

      That means you should turn the filtering to “None” when loading the opacity bitmap to the material. Take a look in the tutorials section, on Leaf Material, it will help!

      • Marcus

        Thanks, Lucky_lux

  • Thanks Ronen – very useful

  • Great post, thx!

  • tim.namy

    Hello Ronen,i m a bit late..but your link “Go ahead and explore them out!” to the free collection doesnt work anymore…is there any other possibility?

    thanks for your help

  • EnamKhan

    pl z i want som foliage for land spacing

  • i need this to my 3d max vray material pls.help me to download free this kinds of materials plant..ty…..

    •  @gwapito Visit the xforg site and you will be able to download the plants from there

      •  @ronenbekerman  thank you sir for this info i thought it’s a big jokes.but i  download it now. its working but the others not free…thank you so much sir……………