Carapicuiba House by SandroS

SandroS posted on the forums one of the best set of Thea Render images I’ve seen for some time now. They were made in a 3d personal recreation project of Carapicuiba House by Angelo Bucci & Alvaro Puntoni. The house was modeled in modo. All the foliage used in this scene is from the 130 Free XFrogPlants posted a few months back in the freebies section, and HDR image based lighting done mostly with the 10 Free HDRi Spherical Skies Maps by VizPeople.

Here are the images made in this set…






And these great detail shots too…



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  • toktam_arch

    it`s gorgeous.

  • leel0u

    simply incredible! are photographs

  • DavidKlemmer

    Which HDRI’s from VizPeople have been used and on which picture? How were the others done? Really great images! I especially love the camera-angle on the fifth image. Superb work!

  • PhilippeBlanchard

    nice job…but on first pic, the tree on first plan i not very photorealistic :/

  • brodiegeers

    i’ve had this up on my computer since i saw it in the forums and keep coming back to it. Fantastic work. For full appreciation, there are some higher res versions on the Thea forum here

  • MatheusPassos

    Beautiful images … Happy with the quality … It would be nice to know how it was created to pool water

  • RomboutVersluijs

    He used displacement for this, he hasn’t yet completely explained everything of the scene yet

  • SandroS

    I agree, it’s definitely the weakest element in the scene. it almost looks pasted in (especially in the overcast render). i tried a few different things but never quite got it right 🙂

  • SandroS

    i used the same one on all the images except the overcast render. can’t remember for sure but i think it was either 5 or 6. i’ll have a look tomorrow. @David K.

  • SandroS

    yes, i used displacement on the water plane. it’s just a subdivided plane that closes the pool walls. it normally works with just a bump map too but i find displacement more reliable and of course it also displaces which is necessary depending on the camera position and angle. @MatheusPassos

  • SandroS

    thanks to all for your C&C’s. i’ll be doing a making of soon and will be sure to post a link on the forum thread.

  • Very impressive work! Congrats!