model+model Submitted Image Winner / Andreas Hummel

Congratulations to Andreas Hummel for winning the second stage of the model+model giveaway! During the month of August I held that giveaway and the first winner was randomly selected from all who commented in the original model+model giveaway post. Andreas’s old style photo look and focus on the models awarded him with a model+model Volume of his choice. Big thanks to model+model for sponsoring this giveaway and to all who took part in it… see you in the next one!

Here are a few other images of notice that were submitted in this giveaway.

Jakub Gramczynski

Jakub’s image could have easily won this stage, but as good as it is, the model+model item or two get lost in the general scene. This is a great image regardless and so it gets a mention here.

Claudiu Buzilan

Claudiu’s image is not the usual thing one would expect to be submitted and it is unique and stands out of the rest with the derelict look.

See you all on the next Giveaway 😉

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9 replies
  1. JakubGramczy?ski
    JakubGramczy?ski says:

    Congratulations Andreas!! Fully deserved prize- a great way to make a model+model showcase. As it is probably obvious, I didn’t do my piece only for this competition, just tried to snatch the prize with something already done:)

  2. mattijsdebruin
    mattijsdebruin says:

    First place image is really well done. Great sense of style and taste! Congrats to mister Hummel !!

  3. pappata
    pappata says:

    Thank you very much for your comments. I´m very happy about winning it!

    And a big thanks goes to Ronen & model+model for the contest.

    Best regards


  4. MatheusPassos
    MatheusPassos says:

    great work … well deserved … Ronen if there are more images .. you’d care toshow us .. I’m curious .. thanks

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