Making of ‘Twins’ by Peter Guthrie

Peter Guthrie posted a great making of article on his blog about his ‘Twins’ project for William O’Brien Jr. offering great insights and tips related to snow covered environments using 3dsmax, V-Ray, SnowFlow, Forest Pro, HQ Plants and items from DesignConnected.

Here are some images from the set Peter made for a design by William O’Brien Jr. (you can see the full ‘twins’ set on flickr).

Read the making of article at Peter’s blog – Making of ‘Twins’

Peter also started a great technical information thread about snow during the GH House Challenge

  • Wow! Great making-of and also great explanation of some key points in Vray. Well done Peter Guthrie, another great set of images!

  • Epic! Always love Peters works.

  • JIBO

    nice work, very realistic render

  • Robert

    Incredible realistic!
    Great job Peter!

  • San

    Peter rock.. too bad he dont update his blog much now days.. good to see new post by him.. this work is just amazing 🙂

  • Congratulations to paguthrie for being nominated at 3dworldmag 2011 CG Awards. Make sure you cast your vote at – but don’t forget Bertrand with his Tribeca Loft and soastudio with the Venice Lifestyle Center… This is a hard call 😉

    By the way – The blog has a new comment system now… all past comments are still here, just did not fully sync yet. they’ll start to show up back very soon.

    I hope you’ll like this new system. And congratulations again to all nominees!

  • jpintor

    Congratulations Peter, well diserved nomination and amazing job done.

  • Indeed! I did not know about 3dworldmag doing a yearly awards like that… anyone knows how to see previously selected artists, or is this the first one?