3d Studio Max Plugin, SnowFlow v1.6

zwischendrin has released SnowFlow v1.6. It is a 3D Studio Max plugin that creates realistic snow with ease! Apeerantly all you need to do is pick an object and SnowFlow does the snow for you! This come very close to the snow discussion at the GH Challenge Forum – might be a good solution for all those winter scenes in the works.

SnowFlow Bench Scene How-To

SnowFlow v1.6 Features

  • self-explaining user interface with integrated help.
  • one-click-solution in most standard situations.
  • multiple snow methods for different needs.
  • advanced settings to get the best out of SnowFlow.
  • different reality levels to control object interference.
  • presets for auto-settings in common circumstances.
  • full control over the calculated mesh.
  • system unit check and conversion to achieve full snow details.
  • autoTune options for better performance.
  • caching system to prevent unnecessary recalculations.
  • “SnowPlug” to stick objects into snow surfaces.

Check out SnowFlow v1.6 Website for more information

  • Takes out all the fun of modeling all that snow! =(

    • Ronen Bekerman

      You might have a point there… but then you can do the snow and have fun with other things 🙂

    • Why not remodel resulting mesh and add/sculpt even more definition :]

      • Hah Pawel you are everywhere 😀
        I knew that Zbrush at work could be handy… You can use it to add footsteps with foot decals, animals steps etc…

  • We thought that this might sound interesting to you, guys: If you buy it before Monday, 15 February 2010, 10:30am (CET), you will now get more than 15% off! 🙂


  • wow, thats incredible!!!
    wish I saw that yesterday to get the discount :S, but will get it anyway!

  • Ronen Bekerman

    The youtube videos don’t work for some reason… so i replaced the image above with a real photo of a snowed down bench! if you can recreate this with the plugin, do share it with us.

    • The smaller image… I thought it was a render 😀
      Maybe its because of the lighting, or that all the background elements are super sharp.

    • Nearly crapped my pants on the photo of the bench that I now see is a real photo.

      • Ronen Bekerman

        Ha Ha Ha … Perhaps I really should change it back to the actual render example. It was kind of a challenge call…

  • Hello guys!
    You might be interested in seeing on what we are working right now…
    Take a glimpse at our new preview video about an upcoming feature called “SnowPrint”, which will be included in the next release of SnowFlow, coming soon!