DesignConnected Submitted Image Winner / Joao Elias

Congratulations to Joao Elias for winning the second stage of the DesignConnected giveaway! During the month of August I held that giveaway and the first winner was randomly selected from all who commented in the original DesignConnected giveaway post. Joao’s soft dual colored image (very blog fitting pink!) and great composition awarded him with 15 DesignConnected models for him to choose. Big thanks to DesignConnected for sponsoring this giveaway and to all who took part in it… see you in the next one!

Here is Joao’s full image since the upper preview was cropped.

Joao Elias Winning DesignConnected Giveaway Image

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  1. briktop
    briktop says:

    Manny thanks to you Ronen and to DesignConnected! It was a pleasure entering in this giveaway!

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