DesignConnected Submitted Image Winner / Tiziano Nespoli

Congratulations to Tiziano Nespoli for winning the second stage of the DesignConnected vouchers giveaway! During this month’s giveaway the first two winners were randomly selected from all who commented in the original DesignConnected voucher giveaway post. Tiziano’s interior setup, showcasing the Freeman Sofa System by Meridiani, was very well done, with splashes of light and subtle reflection that enhance the material and form very well. This awards him with a 100 Euro voucher to use on DesignConnected.

Big thanks to DesignConnected for sponsoring this giveaway and as a thank you to all who took part in it, a special gift is waiting for you inside…

DesignConnected decided to award all those who submitted images and also those who commented on the first stage with two free models of your choice! I’ll be sending all those who participated an email with a form to fill with the details of the models you like to have.
Further more, I’ll be handing out a voucher (100 Euro value) to 3 lucky followers who actually make a purchase, starting today April 29th 2011, on DesignConnected and send me the receipt they got for the purchase.

Just send it to me via email adding the string “DesignConnected” in the subject line and make sure the purchase date is from today onwards. I’ll select the winners sometime during next week.

So thank you for participating, and enjoy your gift 😉

Here is Tiziano’s full image since the upper preview was cropped.

  • Alberto Maciel

    SO ****** amazing! *-* this guy rock! u rock ronen! 😉 thnks for share this! 😉

  • Congratulations to the winner ! I bought this sofa model, one of their best !

  • zebon

    Great rendering and great sofa. Many thanks to DC for their giveaway.

  • tom

    isn’t that a photo?..
    Wonderfull rendition!

  • Look at those wrinkles, I am totally in love with almost all their furniture, designconnected should be renamed to amazingwrinkles instead, it looks so realistic, I wonder how they do it! By the way, rendering looks awesome too!!

  • Hi everyone!

    We’re happy to have won the competition and glad to read comments, thanks guys!

    Tiziano Nespoli

  • Ronen, do you plan to show all the submitted images like you did for the other challenges ? Or maybe we should wait to see those in the future DC website gallery 😉

  • Daniel

    Hi Ronen, I am wondering (and not trying to bother anyone), do you know when will the two free models of our choice will be delivered by Design Connected to the ones who participated in this mini-challenge?

    The thing is that a project arrived to our office and they would be very useful, so that’s the reason for my question. Any notion of this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Guys 🙂

    I have the same question.


  • leelou

    I have a similar question me too, have you already received the email for the choice of the two models? because now I have not received anything.
    thank’s a lot and congratz to winner!

  • Hey… The list has been past along to DC to handle this. I sent Nikolay a reminder about this so hopefully you all get them models soon.

    If for some reason you did not get an email with a form link from me – email me about this and I’ll resend it.

  • zebon

    Finally received ! Thanks Ronen and thanks Designconnected.

  • Daniel

    Got the models! Thanks DC and Ronen for this!

  • Also received chosen models. Thanks! 🙂

  • Me too thanks 🙂

  • leelou

    i not received email from you Ronen with form link.Emailed you my email address, please tell me if are there some problems, thank’s

  • Hi Ronen, we didn’t receive the email, can you please send it here [email protected] or to my personal address? Let me know if there are problems, thanks!

  • leelou

    Hi Ronen, i didn’t receive the mail yet, please let me know something, problems or so.Thanks

  • Alessandro Brotto

    grande Tizianooooo 😀