DesignConnected Submitted Image Winner / Joseph Skowron

Congratulations to Joseph Skowron for winning the second stage of the DesignConnected giveaway! During the month of August I held that giveaway and the first winner was randomly selected from all who commented in the original DesignConnected giveaway post. Joseph’s classic style photo focusing on the Rory Sofa, Poltrona Archibald Chair and Royal Marine Tripod Lamp models awarded him with 15 DesignConnected models of his choice. Big thanks to DesignConnected for sponsoring this giveaway and to all who took part in it… see you in the next one!

Here are a few other images of notice that were submitted in this giveaway.

Joao Elias

A previous DesignConnected Image Submit winner, Joao once again submits a remarkable image that came very near in taking first place once more. I love this modern style concrete display area, and he makes a nice use of the Humble Telescope Light Fixtures yet again.


Jens Kappelman

A striking symmetrical look of a conference room featuring the flow chair. Great composition and use of color and light in showcasing this DesignConnected model.


See you all on the next Giveaway 😉