DesignConnected Giveaway

The 4th birthday giveaways is here! DesignConnected will give one of you lucky followers a chance to pick 15 models from their big collection… any model you like. You will also have the chance to win 15 more great 3d models by sending a 3d render you made using one of their freely or commercially available models.

Just like Philippe Steels, from pixelab, did last time with the great image you see above featuring DesignConnected models that he asked for using their model request form.

About DesignConnected

DesignConnected mission is to make your interior designing and presentation process easier and tight connected with the latest 3d technologies. It’s aim is to deliver the best quality digital content for all the interior design professionals. Starting from all the design classics, going through the most iconic modern design furniture and ending with the latest design arrivals at the furniture fair stands It connect’s you with the only digital library that is dedicated to interior design.

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook by liking it 😉
  2. Post a comment below, using the post to twitter or Facebook check-boxes, telling which of the DesignConnected models you like best!

Here is an image preview to show were you should check these options while commenting further below, at the end of this post 😉

The first part of this giveaway closes in exactly 48 hours, and a winner will be randomly selected shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winner information and DesignConnected we’ll get in touch with you.

The second part of sending your 3d renders showcasing one or more of DesignConnected models will end on September 29. Please use the following form to send your renders.

A big thanks to DesignConnected, for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, and be sure to follow this blog or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!

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  1. MmtraVisualization
    MmtraVisualization says:

    Hello all.

    Designconnected simply are one of the best resources for 3d model.

    One model that I want highlight, is the LC3 3-Seater. There are so many reproductions in 3D of this sofa, but none equals the quality of Designconnected.

    Finally a Le corbusier sofa that looks good.

  2. JakubGramczy?ski
    JakubGramczy?ski says:


    Thank God for designconnetced 😉 I personally love their level of detail and that they have a great colletion of free models. And now they offer Tripp Trapp chair for free. Yay! That’s my favourite furniture piece. Thank you!

    Kind regards

  3. kozioomk
    kozioomk says:

    DesignConnected has great range of upholstered and/or leather furniture. All of them are absolutely stunning.

  4. BjörnRadler
    BjörnRadler says:

    The models of DesignConnected are extremly detailed and optimized to the necesarry amount of polys. Would love to see some inside of their modeling strategies.

    Best regards

  5. RobertJohn
    RobertJohn says:

    Its hard to pick a fovourite, all the models are great. One of the models I like is: PP900 by Patrick Pagnon & Claude Pélhaître. Model ID: 1703

  6. XavierGueit
    XavierGueit says:

    J’adore, on trouve de tout pour pas grand chose, et c’est une bonne source d’inspiration également.

    Thanks @ronenbekerman

  7. WVanspranghe
    WVanspranghe says:

    I really love “Beautiful Stranger” by “Annet van Egmond” Not only a very beautifull chair but i’d also would like to see how they made it 🙂

  8. IngoBeckmann
    IngoBeckmann says:

    I love the “emily” arm chair and bench rfom Flexform Italy the most.

    When i search for good furniture models, designconnected always is my first choice, especially the flexform italy models are what i love in terms of design and quality of the models.

  9. S_N_O_E_D
    S_N_O_E_D says:

    It is hard to make a decision! They have a lot of good models.

    I like especially like the Resort sofa from Flexform, Italy.

  10. BernardoErwinKlijs
    BernardoErwinKlijs says:

    Hard to choose indeed but I’d go with their entire Moooi collection , tricky models to get right but they did the job

  11. jophus14
    jophus14 says:

    I really like the Living Divani Chemis sofas (ID 4495) from DesignConnected. I think these are great pieces.

  12. JørgenLangevad
    JørgenLangevad says:

    Desigconnected has so many great models, so it’s hard to choose! But the Minotti Hopper is a very nice chair and model 🙂 ID:1108

  13. miguelafi
    miguelafi says:

    ?I love all their models, hard to choose one but the texturing on the Fayence sofa from Roche-Bobois has to be my favorite

  14. EricMehl3d
    EricMehl3d says:

    The Davis Free sofa was ready to use right from the start – good textures and great fabric details. Their Le Corbusier chairs and sofas look pretty comfortable too.

  15. mattijsdebruin
    mattijsdebruin says:

    i would really love to have the Hardoy Chair 198 since i have one at home that my parents bought when they got married 35 years ago. Still looks great and still has the original leather.

  16. Dmitry Dubrovsky
    Dmitry Dubrovsky says:

    ?I like all their models, but the Smoke Armchair by Maarten Baas has to be my favorite.

  17. BerendPosthumus
    BerendPosthumus says:

    I’d love to see them have the Bend sofa from B&B Italia but if I have to choose from the collection I’d say the lowseat from Moroso

  18. leel0u
    leel0u says:

    all very good models! in the news entries my prefered is “Joe chair” di paolo lomazzi DC ID:4716

  19. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    First stage is up and the lucky winner is metop_a_studio Eugene Meshcheruk. Congratulations 😉

    DesignConnected will get in touch with you.

    For all others – Second stage is still running and I do get lots of images from you so keep uploading more images.

  20. Artem Evstigneev
    Artem Evstigneev says:

    The best 3D models that can be bought on the Internet. I am pleased to buy them for work.

  21. Artem Tkatchenko
    Artem Tkatchenko says:

    I’ve been using this great service for over a year now. At first I was looking for a specific model, it was a Flexform chair. I was surprised by the great quality of the model, also you can chose between different formats. The collection is huge and recently I made an account prepay, very useful option which allows you to save money and download your chosen models instantly.

  22. aikmana
    aikmana says:

    We’d like to thank everybody for following this giveaway and for the really kind comments.

    Just send us your Designconnected member’s name and the ID of the model you like and you will get it…


    Designconnected team

    • dj_buckley
      dj_buckley says:

      @aikmana how long does it normally take between our request and when we receive the model? Not being pushy I’m just not sure my emails are working properly

  23. jophus14
    jophus14 says:

    I would like to thank both DesignConnected and Ronen for putting together a great contest/challenge. It is fantastic that you are offering to give the model of our choice to us to complete the second part of the contest. I am working on my scene now and I look forward to seeing the submissions.

  24. jophus14
    jophus14 says:

    Ronen: What resolution do you want the final image to be? I didn’t see it posted anywhere….and if it is, I’m sorry for asking. Thanks.

  25. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Hello Everybody,

    Just two more day left in the DesignConnected Image Submit Stage. This is a friendly reminder so you don’t miss the deadline 😉

    Make sure your image is considered in the final judging.

  26. JørgenLangevad
    JørgenLangevad says:

    Ohhh, damit. I thought it was to day – the last day in the month..! What a shame! – I have just finished 5 cool pictures 🙁

  27. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Thank you all for taking part in this giveaway. We are in the process of selecting the winner after we picked the best three from the submitted images.

    News about the winner will be published later today or early tomorrow 😉

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