Happy Birthday Month!

This August marks the blog 2nd year online! Once again I find out that time does fly when you’re having fun. The blog kept growing in the past year and there are many more things in motion that will be revealed in the following months. I hope I can celebrate many more such birthdays for this blog and keep providing you all the best place to find information, share & learn about Architectural Visualization.

I owe a big thank you to you all, my readers, followers & sponsors! Without you this wouldn’t be possible, and I must give special thanks to all who took the latest blog survey. Your advice was super valuable and many of the things you mentioned and asked for will be implemented… so once again I thought I should give back a little too.

The Giveaways

There will be 4-5 Giveaways during the month of August, first one starting today! You’ll have to follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get a heads up about what is coming up and when, or just keep visiting the blog for updates – I figure it is more fun and exciting this way, don’t you?

The CITY LIFE Challenge

The 3rd Architectural Visualization Challenge – CITY LIFE will start during August too! I’m working on closing all the small details and hope to share with you all the information as soon as possible.

That is all for now. Thanks again for following and sending me your feedback! And Happy Birthday Month to you all 😉

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  1. DrorBekerman
    DrorBekerman says:

    Happy B Month Bro 🙂 Great blog, great work and I know great things are coming 🙂

  2. TR
    TR says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

    This blog is one of daily website visits, actually multiple times a day.


  3. eliasgarza
    eliasgarza says:

    Happy birthday Ronenbekerman’s blog!!

    We at 3Darquitectura.com.mx are loyal readers, keep the good work and keep inpiring us!!

  4. JakubGramczy?ski
    JakubGramczy?ski says:

    Thank You Ronen for two years of constant knowledge and excitement delivery. For your blog’s 2nd birthday, I wish for myself that You just keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. TAvisual
    TAvisual says:

    Happy Bday Ronen !!! Inspiring my works every day, and a great CG resources site 😉



  6. annkos
    annkos says:

    I remember like it was yesterday when you open the forum but its 2 whole years! Anyway i wish you the best and keep this forum in the top level you have it 2 years now! Happy birthday!

  7. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Thanks again everybody! Here is some more info about the CITY LIFE Jury panel members… This time I have the honor of having guscapote roberto cepp de rose and alexyork3d on the panel. I’ll post an Interview with Alex this week, so you can get to know him and his work better.

    More news later on 😉

  8. toktam_arch
    toktam_arch says:

    Happy Happy Birthday dear blog(:D). a great one.I almost visit it every day or even twice a day just because It`s awesome & I`m looking forward learning & experiencing new things here.thank you so much Ronen for your great blog & your effort for making it better & better!!!!

  9. jpintor
    jpintor says:

    Congratz Ronen!!! Amazing Job done, keep up the hard work and let’s hope a great future to the blog.

  10. RossMillaney
    RossMillaney says:

    Ronen, congratulations. You’ve built a great library of information here and a welcome home for a strong community. Looking forward to city life.

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