Winner Announced: model+model Giveaway

The first of the blog’s second birthday giveaways is here! model+model will give one of you lucky followers the volume of your choice out of the currently 4 available ones. You will also have the chance to win one more pack by sending a 3d render you made using one of their freely or commercially available models.

First Part Winner Announced

Congratulations to Caroline Jun

You are the lucky winner of a brand new model+model Volume of your choice 🙂 Probably Vol. 01, right?

All of you still have a running chance in the second part of this giveaway. Sending in your renders showcasing model+model free items until August 31. The best image will win the same pack.

Second Part Winner Announced

Congratulations to Andreas Hummel

Your image was selected as best among those submitted showcasing model+model items and you win a brand new model+model Volume of your choice 🙂

About model+model

model+model is a 3d model provider. They have a very stylish website where you can buy single items and collections. Their 4th Volume, Architectural Lights, was recently published and it is up for grabs here among the previous three too.

Volume 01. Accessories

Volume 02. Chairs + Tables

Volume 03. Interior Lights

Volume 04. Architectural Lights

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook by liking it 😉
  2. Post a comment below, using the post to twitter or Facebook check-boxes, telling which of the models in all 4 volumes you like best!

Here is an image preview to show were you should check these options while commenting further below, at the end of this post 😉

The first part of this giveaway closes in exactly 48 hours, and a winner will be randomly selected shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winner information and model+model we’ll get in touch with you.

The second part of sending your 3d renders showcasing one or more of the model+model free items will end on August 31st. Please use the following form to send your renders.

A big thanks to model+model, for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, and be sure to follow this blog or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!

132 replies
  1. studioardesign
    studioardesign says:

    I love every M+M model and I have used both freebies and purchased ones before but I think vol.1 is a definitely must have for anyone doing archviz

  2. voyager212
    voyager212 says:

    Yeah, I agree, they’re all great, but the first one is very useful in making your scene realistic and alive.

  3. JakubGramczy?ski
    JakubGramczy?ski says:


    I would have to go with the Interior Lights volume.

    I just want to say that model+model has one of the best quality models- both material and meshwise. They render fast and beautiful 🙂

  4. MmtraVisualization
    MmtraVisualization says:

    Here at the office, we love the Vol 3 ! There are some intemporal design pieces in it ! =)

  5. ZahirOuld-hocine
    ZahirOuld-hocine says:

    I realy like (and need) the volume 4 🙂

    All models are very realistics in the 4 volumes.

  6. petrusyap
    petrusyap says:

    M+M models… a must have for all of 3d archvis designers… tx @ronenbekerman for the information 🙂

  7. MichalTimko
    MichalTimko says:

    i`d like to won vol.1 . Its always useful to have some more decoration in the pocket! 😉

  8. BjörnRadler
    BjörnRadler says:

    The Models I like moste are as follows

    Volume 1 Model Nr 33

    Volume 2 Model Nr 11

    Volume 3 Model Nr 02

    Volume 4 Model Nr 05 and 18

  9. alex_starc
    alex_starc says:

    @ronenbekerman I wish there were more winners or more chances to win!Good luck to all!

  10. ArkinAdamEsref
    ArkinAdamEsref says:

    Like most here I have to agree with volume 4, Those lights are just amazing… really would come in handy and save alot of time

  11. PauloJorgeReis
    PauloJorgeReis says:

    well every model is very detailed so they are very good ads to renders but if i were te perfer i think the lights a very very good.

  12. PauloJorgeReis
    PauloJorgeReis says:

    well every model is very detailed so they are very good ads to renders but if i were te perfer i think the lights a very very good.

  13. PatrickEischen
    PatrickEischen says:

    I did not know of model+model before, but they have some pretty decent model libraries. Because I’m doing a lot of architectural renderings lately, I like Volume 4 Architectuaral Light the most!

  14. JakubGramczy?ski
    JakubGramczy?ski says:

    I forgot to give my types, so here they are:





    …and all the rest 😉

  15. André Serpa
    André Serpa says:

    finality a interesting collection of contemporary furniture. I think volume 03 with the lighting is the most useful one. thanks for all the amazing posts, appreciated.

  16. FeliDeNi
    FeliDeNi says:

    Ronen! Loving the Volume1.Accessories! Lots of stuff I’d hate to waste time modeling.

  17. pappata
    pappata says:

    I purchased some Models from M+M before and the quality is amazing!

    Love the Vol.4 / Model number 24

    Good luck to all!

  18. BlytheVisual
    BlytheVisual says:

    Love the model+model light series, favorite being Vol. 3 #7. Beautiful and practical.

  19. michibe
    michibe says:

    I like Vol.1 Accesories best. But at the end all model+model collections are very high quality.

  20. slimfast
    slimfast says:

    It’s difficult to choose !

    All Vol.1, gorgeous and really useful (Vol.1 #22, covers selection is perfect).

    Vol.4 is awesome as well, modeling of #23 and #24 is superb.

  21. Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos says:

    Everything is fantastic, this is so hard to choose now :)…
    I´ll go for Volume 01

  22. leozaupa
    leozaupa says:

    Since I’m doing a project witch have allot of external lights , the volume 4 is my favorite

  23. BondsAlex
    BondsAlex says:

    VOL 1 is my favourite… with the great TIVOLI radio and KitchenAid cooker. But all volumes are very classy!

  24. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I’d like to thank all of you for participating in the modelplusmodel giveaway – the first for this month!

    It is now closed and the lucky winner is @Caroline Jun Congratulations and please contact to claim your award 😉

    All of you still have a chance by submitting images using model+model models 😉 so keep posting them images.

  25. CarolineJun
    CarolineJun says:


    Thank you very much for vol 1! it was very hard to decide, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

    what do I have to do now?

    Thanks again! 😉

  26. alex_starc
    alex_starc says:

    i want another contest..:) i’m desperate for vol.3 or some models from vol. 3. :(((

  27. modelplusmodel
    modelplusmodel says:

    We would like to thank @ronenbekerman for this wonderful blog and for the opportunity to be a part of it. We are glad to see such a great number of the participants and to know that all of you like the models. Thank you very much for your comments and congratulations to Caroline Jun of winning the first part of this giveaway. We are looking forward to images for the second part.

  28. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    @sebaramdi Cool, bad sadly the first part is over – Do submit an image though… still a chance to win that way, and this is not random – THE BEST IMAGE WINS! so you it is up to you 😉

  29. DIODE_
    DIODE_ says:

    hi Ronen i have one question for the contest, i have some free models of modelplusmodel, these models are chairs from other giveaway, the question is: Can i use these free models in the contest?? thanks in advance

  30. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Hey All, Only 2 more days left in this Giveaway 2nd Stage… make sure you send your image to have a chance at getting a model+model volume of your choice.

  31. toktam_arch
    toktam_arch says:

    I got a question.could we submit 2 or 3 different view of a place(for the 2nd part)? @ronenbekerman

  32. uchimata
    uchimata says:

    Hi model+model the best resources of architectural visualizations, i love the volume 02 Chairs+Tables.

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