Parking Cars with Forest Pack

iToo Software has announced a new installment to their regular Tips & Tricks tutorials. In this episode they turn their attention to scattering vehicles and examine ways in which the Forest Pack plugin can be used to quickly place large numbers of randomized vehicles.

“Just like trees, vehicle models are often complex with very high poly counts making Forest Pack the perfect way to add them to your scenes. In this tutorial we look at how to prepare your assets, randomise colours and scatter vehicles to populate roads and car-parks using areas, splines and markers”.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Prepare multi-part models for use with Forest Pack.
  • Randomise material colours using Forest Colour map.
  • Scatter cars in areas, positioned using a custom distribution bitmap.
  • Scatter cars along splines and on vertices.
  • Scatter cars on markers created using RailClone.
  • Fine-tune  scatters using Tree Editor mode.

All car models shown in the sample render and provided in the tutorial are used with the kind permissions of AXYZ Design.

Go ahead and check out the “Parking cars with Forest Pack” tutorials page now.  The files that come with this series are compatible with 3DS Max 2010 – 2016, V-Ray, Mental Ray, RailClone Pro or Lite, and Forest Pack Pro or Lite.

These tutorials are made by request, so if you have an issue you would like to see featured, please visit iToosoft’s forum and make your suggestion.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.

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  1. Alex Abarca
    Alex Abarca says:

    This is a very common error in visualization, cars parked in the wrong direction. Lets fix those pivots.

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