miniCHALLENGE 02 / RailClone / Winners Selected

The RailClone miniCHALLENGE Winners have been selected! Big thanks to iToo Software for sponsoring this event and for all the participants who took RailClone for a spin and created great work with it.

To see all the entries submitted in this miniCHALLENGE visit the RailClone Challenge finalists announcement post.

First Place, Bertrand Benoit.

Bertrand is no stranger to awards, and he takes first place yet again with a remarkable use of the RailClone plugin for 3dsmax. Bertrand recreated a complete real building façade using RailClone to spread the modular façade components on pre-defined splines.

The beauty of this approach is that you can alter the building by simply changing the splines – the façade will just follow!

Bertrand wins

RailClone Pro License + 3 year subscription & Forest Pack Pro License.

Here is his main image.

And an extra detail shot.

Visit Bertrand’s RailClone miniCHALLENGE post for more information.

Second Place, Newke.

Coming second, but just as remarkable, is Newke’s Diamond Lady. Made out of small diamond like bits, newke was very creative with the use of RailClone – not the usual thing one would expect.

The black and white treatment was a good choice and made all the focus on the “sliced scattering” figure even more intensive. The result is great and inspiring.

Newke wins

RailClone Pro License + 3 year subscription.


Visit Newke’s RailClone miniCHALLENGE post for more information.

Third Place, Nachex.

You might not see traces of RailClone in this third place render by Nachex, but that just might be due to how photoreal it looks! Great pool shot, makes you want to jump in and swim.

Nachex wins

RailClone Pro License + 1 year subscription.


Visit Nachex’s RailClone miniCHALLENGE post for more information.

Congratulations to all three winners and all other participants and visitors of this challenge. See you all in the upcoming Architectural Visualization Challenge III – CITY LIFE and other miniCHALLENGES along the way.

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    • Matheus Passos
      Matheus Passos says:

      Ronen, forgiveness…

      but the victory of Bertrand Benoit was unfair, I love his work and he is surely one of the best artists I’ve seen, but I see that is not deserved victory. In my view the work of Newke was the most fun, interesting and enjoyable to watch.

      • Ronen Bekerman
        Ronen Bekerman says:

        Hi Matheus,

        I respect your point of view completely. Newke’s entry was most fun, Interesting and enjoyable to watch which granted him 2nd place. iToo Software and I found Bertrand’s image the best showcase of the strengths of RailClone in the field of Architectural Visualization other then his render being a great one as it is.

        Newke sure went for a surprising creative usage for it, and there was a debate about it – don’t think we decided about this in a sec.

  1. BBB3
    BBB3 says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks a million for this great news.

    I’m sorry the outcome is controversial, but I can understand the reason. Newke’s image was a stunner.
    Still, I’m very grateful and honoured for this.


  2. Johann Moisés - Arkaiko
    Johann Moisés - Arkaiko says:

    What? Benoit won!?? Are you kidding me?

    No way, I’m really sad seeing this kind of attitude, but, it’s the life!

    NEWKE, you are the champion for the creativity and originality, very well done, perfect render.

    Nachex, you are the champion for the realistic render and photography, very nice, great work!

  3. Nachex
    Nachex says:

    haha thanks man, benoit work was good and we all know that he could do lots better . He won because railclone it’s mainly purpose it’s to be implemented in architectural viz, and bertrand used it as the main tool; perhaps i just used railclone for ceiling, rails between seatings and some other details in the pedestals in front of the pool, so as you can see railclone wasn’t my main tool. So i think newke’s awesome girl didn’t win because the main idea of the challenge and the plugin itself is archviz. 🙂

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    Arthurso … i agree.

    Newke’s work _is_ stunning, and it’s creative and very original. He deserves 1st place, but not only for appearance but creativity.

    I can’t be bias; Nachex more that deserves first place. I probably put more effort and time into his work. It is more detailed and architectural.

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