Salmon Center

We are happy to show you another eye-catching visualization that we made for one of our regular clients Tanken Arkitektur. Salmon Center is a part of the Norwegian national eco-minded project Arven.

The building is intended to be a production facility for smolt and an information center for visitors. The center conveys the history of wild salmon, and how work is being done to improve the negative impacts on the salmon. This can be anything from salmon lice, escaped farmed salmon, pollution, diseases, and watercourse regulations. Visitors will also be able see the wild salmon in various phases and sizes during their life cycle.

In the design of the building, Tanken Arkitektur has taken the circle and the spiral as a starting point. And it was essential for us to depict not only the architecture itself but also to give the scene the atmosphere that the client desires.


Interior visualization, Villa Mallorca

Mallorca offers stunning beaches, Mediterranean landscapes, and captivating cities. Amidst this beauty, you’ll find breathtaking properties like villas, fincas, and apartments available for purchase and living. The Mallorcan-style interior design combines Mediterranean flair, modern aesthetics, and rustic elements.
Warm earth tones such as sand, terracotta, and ochre evoke the natural beauty of Mallorca’s landscape. Natural materials like wood, rattan, and stone enhance the authentic Mediterranean ambiance.
Our 3D-renderings showcase the exclusivity and charm of these properties in their full glory, highlighting fine details and artistic accents. They provide a realistic impression of Mallorcan design, inspiring potential buyers.

Hidden House

From the architect – “Located within the small hamlet of Trevanson, North Cornwall, Hidden House nestles within an existing garden, flanked on three sides by mature trees, with expansive views towards the Camel Estuary beyond.

The beauty of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is unquestionable; the project site feels like a hidden world; immediately relaxing and connected with nature.

The limited material external palette of rugged grey brickwork reflects the tones and textures of the local stonework seen in the vernacular buildings of the area. The building is conceived to be a series of simple sculptural forms which provide an elegant backdrop to the lush vegetation within which it is embedded.

Commissioned to be a permanent home, Hidden House will provide energy-efficient, generous and flexible family accommodation—designed to take advantage of it’s secluded site with a sensitive approach in form, massing and materiality, to the landscape in which it sits.

Responding to the site’s orientation, views, and wider context, the design comprises a cluster of three masonry single-storey elements with a lightweight glazed links between which frame views and provide fluid visual connectivity with the landscape setting.

Focused around a natural swimming pool, the sheltered and private courtyard garden will provide a haven for wildlife, creating a string sense of living within a garden.”

The City of The Future

Today, we have an unusual publication because we cannot tell who our client is or what kind of content the project involves. For now, we can only tease you with the fact that you will find out for yourself soon enough.

So far, we have been allowed to publish only a fraction of what we have done within the framework of this project. But even this is enough to please your eyes with creative and futuristic renderings of the city of the future.