Miracle Mile

Before the weekend comes, we want to share with you a project made for Landry Design that was personally supervised by its president Richard Landry.

When you visualize a villa the most important thing is to show it in such a way to make oneself want to live there. On the one hand, there should be a feeling of belonging to the new age: the presence of modern architectural solutions and a comfortable interior.

On the other hand, there is a strong emphasis on the location of the villa. If you add the scarlet rays of the evening sun to the view from the hillside on the ocean then no one will remain indifferent when looking at your image.
MORE PROJECTS ON: https://omegarender.com/gallery

Miami Tower

As you may know, the artists at our studio really enjoy working on non-commercial projects. It’s always a great opportunity for them to show off their skills and imagination, skills that are often constrained by the limitations and requirements of the client.

This visualization showcases the view from the territory of a hotel in Miami. What first catches the eye is the harmony and refinement of the composition – its foreground and background. And it inspires all of us, someday on a vacation, to see this picture not just in the Behance feed, but in real life.
MORE PROJECTS ON: https://omegarender.com/gallery

Smart Watch

This render was created as part of my pre-recorded video tutorial series regarding Product rendering about Corona renderer from zero to hero called “Corona College” which is in Persian language.
Everything created with 3ds Max and Corona renderer 8 and Photoshop used only to export for web 😉