Project: Parallel worlds – Chapter 2
Design & illustrated by Duy Phan

‘Decorticating’ or Shedding bark is the most interesting characteristic about gum trees for me personally. The white new bark strikingly stands out in the forest and touching its surface is satisfying also. This skin changing feature helps the trees grow stronger every summer. Relating to what we do as an artist, I’m a believer of trying new things and not repeating yourself is key to evolve. As soon as we discover anything good, trying to find “what’s next” makes us better than our old self.

With ‘Parallel worlds’ chapter 2 – Decorticating, I wanted to break down the Periscope vertical structure into horizontal and experiment with both portrait and landscape compositions. Like unfolding the power of one simple design module can be translated into many shape and stories, taking off the old stubborn skin and expose a new outlook but still the core concept is maintained.

Making of RED BARN animation by Jamie Holmes

Making of RED BARN

The Animation GRAND PRIZE winning entry by Jamie Holmes for the CONVERTED Challenge. An exercise at complete world-building and storytelling to boot! Jamie Holmes is no stranger to such a challenge as we’ve seen him doing it previously during the CABINS challenge. Enjoy this one as he takes us for a spin in his process of making of Red Barn.

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Architecture | A2M
Location | Brussels, Belgium
Year | 10.2020
Soft | 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Adobe Photoshop CC

Marnix is a project to renovate an existing building. The building is located in Brussels and was granted landmark status this year.

The renovated building will house a co-working hub and a cafe. On the roof of the building there will be a restaurant, a bar and a garden with a view of the Royal Palace.

The 3d visualization of the project was done for the architectural bureau A2M.

Enjoy the view!