White Rock Villa

Architectural visualization services for a hospitality project in Mykonos designed by
Chorografoi architects.
The biggest challenge of the project was to unite the CG image with the local biome of the island of Mykonos. Architects provided us a lot of photographic material of the project area which was very useful for replicating and matte painting the landscape.

FW: Foto’s

Our next job is an amazing visualization of a residential area in Belgium. The project was created for the Belgium construction company – Immovesta.

This is a cozy development of one of the city districts, which is executed in the same style as the whole neighborhood.
The pleasant and calm facades of the houses give the atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness in this complex.

We have made several different views of the projected area to show in detail the location of houses on the terrain and the internal atmosphere in a residential area.
In addition, we have created a few variations of the interiors to show the complete picture of the project.

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Kitchen and dining room, project

Customers have set many restrictions:
– modern minimalistic interior
– cold colors of materials
– many smooth and light surfaces
but the interior had to be cozy.
Therefore, we created warm shades with the help of light.
We created a lighting scenario and lit each area in the rooms separately.
The main accent was the wooden bar counter. This design separates the cooking area and the dining area.