Herman Debroux is a project to renovate an existing building, where the key element is the combination of white concrete and wood in the facade. The white concrete gives a modern and elegant look, while the wood elements add warmth and natural texture. This combination gives the building a modern yet cosy and natural look.

To illustrate the architectural concept, I made exterior 3D renderings.

The 3D rendering of the architectural project was made for the Belgian architectural bureau A2M.

Enjoy the view!


Cliff House

This project, created on the icelandic coasts of Finland, is a tribute for the people who deserve their own space in this world. Unique, irrepicable. A brutalist monument, that provides not only shelter, but a private dome for solitude and meditation. A place for you to focus on yourself.

The concrete material embraces the long, monumental slabs that run throughout the boulders of the coast, worn out from the waves that slowly molds its own history on the landscape. In here, architecture and nature aren’t set apart: they invite each other to come in, and feel themselves at home.

The Boomerang Pavillion

Up in the hills of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, the Boomerang Pavillion is a space to represent and complement art, through the use of nature, architecture, and emptiness.

Empty space is a crucial factor when creating an environment dedicated to artistic appreciation. Is through it that you actually hand out the role of protagonist to the art represented there, telling people: “This space was created for me. I’m the main attraction here.” Architecture acts as an extension of it, as a stage for your art to step up and steal the show.

The roof is accessible, giving the user the possibility to climb up and appreciate the beautiful scenery that happens around it. Art inside and outside. Perfect balance.

The Boomerang pavilion is a work that cultivates silence. It’s not a place where you can take 60 people and have a party, or a rock concert. It’s a place for contemplation, which makes you rethink the values of everything you’ve believed so far.

Among the mountains of Brumadinho, this is where you rediscover your link with the world. What do you want to be? What do you want to convey? What energy do you want around you? The architecture of this project comes to make you reflect. Looking back, and imagining what lies ahead.

As an artistic exhibition space, its interior is empty, a blank canvas for commissioned artists to exhibit their art in a place designed for this. Neutral, but instigating.

circular building

| made a circular building for pic.render studio in the middle of a dense forest surrounded by tall trees.
The overall atmosphere of the scene is peaceful and serene, with trees providing a natural backdrop to the circular structure.
Software: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop