Park Road Residence

We were initially asked to produce a single rear elevation shot of this new private residence to be built in Hale, just outside of Manchester – UK. There was a lot of back and forth with various brick selections to help with the design process and this is the end result. Following the success of this shot we’re now due to complete a shot of the front elevation as well as 2 internal VRs for further marketing purposes.

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Pohutukawa House

This project is very interesting, we want to learn about story telling in 1 image and animation. always love to create a detailed environment and the lighting, blue and orange always compliment each other yet makes the image more interesting.

But the most interesting thing while working in this project is the team work of all of our team in 2G Studio. without great teamwork, this project will never finish.

3DSMAX, Corona Renderer, Grow FX


Hello everyone!

We have recently been working in an in-house project that we would like to show you: the Scandinavian Golf Club by Henning Larsen. We loved the geometry of the project and its relationship with nature since the beginning. With very little postproduction, it was a challenge to make everything to look nice at diferent scales, from aerial shots to eye level details.

We hope you like them!

Making of Mea Terra

A new making-of for 2020 by Fat Tony Studio and their amazing Mea Terra project… Lot’s of insight in this one and you got to love those Turntables!

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Casa Cook – El Gouna

At Fat Tony studio we have been creating and maintaining the marketing content for Casa Cook Hotels little over a year now. Main challenge that we faced was to keep the execution of the quality on the same level, and always deliver recognizable Casa Cook style.

Before the opening of Casa Cook – El Gouna we were tasked to capture and present the design, vibe and mood of the destination. This included creating a visual presentation that will be unique to the location, but simultaneously fit in Casa Cook signature design.
Ground colors, soft natural materials, light versus shadow, wind and sand. These were all the elements that we took under the consideration and we brought them together to convincingly capture the uniqueness of this Red Sea location.

Full project in high-res :

Thank you for watching !