The TimeRide VR Experience

Dive into this insight-packed case study by GROUND STUDIOS showing an inside look at their CG production of TimeRide VR. It is a new attraction for tourists and Cologne citizens including a unique multi-user out-of-home VR experience. Anima by AXYZ Design played a significant role in this one, along the other apps mentioned in this article. Enjoy it!

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Orange Bastion

We are always trying to push the limits of our visualization works, since everyone is working on photorealistic images we want to make different things as much as we can.

Concert Hall in Mountains of Troodos

This set of images was prepared for a closed competition for new Concert hall in Mountains of Troodos, Cyprus, that will serve as extension for music school.​​​​​​​
Main idea behind the design was to blend seamlessly with the mountain’s structure and offer new gathering space, as well as volume for the hall itself.
Biggest task for us to solve was surely to find views that will showcase the strong points of the design, but at the same time make the building readable. The flow of the public spaces is quite unique so we were bringing focus to most important features.