PixelPark - Termitary House 01

Making of Termitary House

Pixelpark‘s ‘Termitary House’ visuals, inspired by the real ‘Termitary House’ in Thanh Khê District, Da Nang, Vietnam designed by Tropical Space Studio, awarded them Best Visualization of the Week NO. 49/2015 for a remarkable CG remake and level of details they went into remaking the house signature feature – The Bricks. Follow this article as they describe the process of creating these highly photorealistic visuals using 3dsmax, GrowFX, V-Ray and just a bit of postwork. Enjoy!

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The Amazing Unreal Engine Drones at The Vineyard

It’s here! Part Two of the Making of the, Award Winning, “La Geria” Vineyard by Factory Fifteen. If you missed Part One, go ahead and read it first. Today’s article focuses on the unique craters landscape and amazing grape harvesting drones that hover all over the place! Paul also covers topics such as camera setup, blueprints, music and packaging projects as levels in Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy!

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Why do people make life so complicated?

Because! That’s why! The topic of people in visualization is always coming up and doing it 2d in post vs. 3d just the same. Each method has its pros and cons, and today I’m sharing a new and somewhat unusual tutorial by my good friends at AXYZ design. This might look like total newbie grade for most of you, but it is a first in a series and a great starting point for those not familiar with the use of scanned 3d people models. In this case, from their Metropoly collection. There are 8 chapters to be expected, that will go from basic tips about angles and reflections, to advanced and detailed analysis of the entire workflow, focusing on the principles of using such assets, regardless of the modeling or render engine that you use. You are welcome to comment on this topic below.

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The GrowFX Tree at the Archipelago House

Radek Ignaciuk opened 2016 with the first Best of Week visuals recreating Tham & Videgård Arkitekter’s “Archipelago House”. This remarkable full CG attempt included great looking 3d trees done with Exlevel’s GrowFX plugin for 3ds max. Today, Radek will explain how he went about creating the hero tree in the image above. He will cover the modeling process with GrowFX as well as the scanning of the textures used to get it look photoreal. Enjoy!

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