The Farmhouse

In the beginning of March Reinier Reynhout started working on visuals for a renovation project for relatives of his, trying out some ArchVIZ during his spare time form being head of a 3d department in a big company during the days. Renovating and learning more about ArchVIZ at the same time, Reinier also started a WIP thread on the forums during the process and shared it on the go which I really liked. the WIP + Finished work was a great start for this case study I kindly asked Reinier to share with us. Enjoy!

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THE ARCH / Sci-Fi Vision of the Future

Thomas Dubois started to share his Future Sci-Fi explorations on the forums back in 2012, grabbing the Best Visualization of the Week NO. 50/2012 & 09/2013 for being such a remarkable piece of visual work. This project of his, which is a collaboration with his brother and a good friend has much more to it, and goes beyond ArchVIZ into games and film… and real life well ahead of us in some scenarios. I’m keeping tabs with his work and invited him to write a bit more about it to share with you all. Enjoy!

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The National Museum of Afghanistan

I’ve been fascinated by the work of Spanish Estudio AGraph since I’ve seen it for the first time. The visualizations they create, and they would say so themselves, resembles more to architectural drawing than 3d rendered visuals. It is not the first time I’m covering this style of visualization, and yet they have something unique about how they approach and perform a visualization project which seemed important enough for me to explore it and ask them to share more about it.

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The Mill by Chris Kowal / Case Study

I featured Chris Kowal’s work on ‘The Mill’ back in March this year and I never got quite enough of it really. The scope of work undertaken by Chris on this one was extensive and there was much left to be told about it. I asked him to share more of his thoughts about the process of making this project… Not just from a technical standpoint, but also from several other aspects we rarely get into like project management, concept design, concept development and above all – the mobile / touch adaptation and the potential Chris sees in working with and for mobile devices in the Architectural Visualization field.

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Istanbul Seaport by Squint Opera

James Shaw published a making-of the Istanbul Seaport project by Squint Opera on his blog back in January, and it was a great read… especially with the breakdown videos attached to it. I rarely dealt with such scale and never in motion, so I was fascinated by the result and intrigued about the process behind the scenes that took place to get this done. How does one (a team actually) get started with this… manage it… and so on. I asked James Shaw & Nicholas Taylor about it, and they kindly offered their valuable insight.

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