34 Prince St. Case Study by MARCH / 1900s

34 Prince St. Case Study by MARCH

MARCH are no strangers to the blog, with two articles already posted and among my favorite ones – 15 Renwick & 12 Warren Case Studies. Today I’m happy to post yet another fantastic Case Study for their recently released work on 34 Prince Street, a development located in the former St. Patrick’s Cathedral School in the heart of Nolita, NYC. Interesting seeing the visualization over time approach. Enjoy!

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massit – From ArchVIZ to Interactive Media

When first seeing massit, (in a video. did not take it for a VR spin yet) it reminded me of SketchUp a lot! The “back to basics” approach Mischa Winkler adopted is something I relate to and one that seems to have paved the path for massit as it is now. Not sure yet what this could bring to the table, but if you are a designer and you have access to an HTC Vive – Read this case study by Mischa, and take massit for a spin! then come back here a tell us what it is like for you.

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The Valley of my Mind

Hamed Hosseinpour’s recent work shared on the forums – “Valley of my Mind” quickly captured my attention for the “vastness” he managed to convey with just that single image. Vastness of scale, world and story. Being curious as I am, I asked him to tell us more about his process and today he shares it with us all. Enjoy!

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