People in Motion

People in motion add a unique and vivid atmosphere to any 3d rendered animation. However, one must get the hang of it before doing so and pulling it off nicely! Even tough we can easily get realistic high poly scanned 3D people on the market, who look pretty realistic when standing still, making them move is a tricky business. We’re so used to natural human movements that our eyes detect the slightest misplaced move in an instant. Follow Dorka Somlói from ZOA as she describes their method for this. Enjoy!

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Making of METEORA by Santi Sánchez, showcasing Megascans

Making of METEORA

Tresde’s Santi Sánchez is no stranger to the blog, with two great articles attributed to him here – Making of IRACEMA in the Dusk & Making of Crystal Box Villa. This time he took Quixel’s Megascans for a serious spin while creating METEORA, a personal concept design project based on a volcanic vivarium pavilion, developed with the intention to use Megascans 3d models as hero characters and study the use of this software + content library combo in an ArchVIZ context.

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3D Modelling the DoubleTree Venice North Hotel

I remember seeing this iToo Software presentation during State of Art Academy Ad#5. It was pretty cool seeing them building the hotel in which the event took place! That simple twist to the exercise emphasized to all of us there that the ability to see parametric objects all around us can be developed by anyone if he only observes. Today, this scene along with a detailed how-to is being released so those who weren’t able to attend can benefit from it too. Enjoy!

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