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    Making of Favela

    Matthias Buehler approached me not long ago, sharing his personal project 'Favela' which immediately got me curious. Knowing Matthias works at ESRI as 3d Product Engineer involved with the CityEngine... more

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    Making of Stadtpark Biel

    Phil Buerer's 'Stadtpark Biel' visuals had several color views, but the Black & White ones up top captured my attention the most and awarded him Best Visualization of the Week... more

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    Making of Mountain Hostel

    Beautiful Chill! Great looking snow, composition and light are the characteristics of AESDE's 'Mountain Hostel' visual that was shared on the forums and awarded them Best Visualization of the Week... more

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    Making of “The White”

    Maarten Demey from A1 Planning posted last month some still images of "The White", an interesting looking residential project located at the Belgian coast near the historical center of Ostend.... more

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    The Farmhouse

    In the beginning of March Reinier Reynhout started working on visuals for a renovation project for relatives of his, trying out some ArchVIZ during his spare time form being head... more

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    THE ARCH / Sci-Fi Vision of the Future

    Thomas Dubois started to share his Future Sci-Fi explorations on the forums back in 2012, grabbing the Best Visualization of the Week NO. 50/2012 & 09/2013 for being such a... more

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    Making of NEON Light

    NEON is a campfire inspired light and sound installation by Nicole & Markus Heilmann from 2003. What you see here is a virtual simulation of that installation done by Markus... more

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    Making of Nylenne Gallery

    ORANGEGRAPHICS presented a visual with strong photorealism back in March, supported by great texture work. This has awarded them Best Visualization of the Week NO. 12/2014 and today they share... more

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    Making of Griehallen – Memory

    Tamas Medve's cold and rainy visual memory of the Grieghallen in Bergen, Norway awarded him Best Visualization of the Week NO. 14/2014 for the great composition and mood he managed... more

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    SketchUP V-Ray Proxy Grass

    Creating 3D Grass and Scattering it all over the place inside 3dsmax was featured here plenty, but with V-Ray for SketchUP becoming better and better it can be done inside... more

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