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    Making of O House by Marcin “Neb” Jastrzebski

    Marcin Jastrzebski posted his beautiful "O House" project on the forums back in July and was Highlighted on the blog too. Today I'm happy to share Marcin's making-if this remarkable... more

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    3D Modeling How to / The JSN Tiles Chair

    I'm very pleased to share today this great looking JSN Tiles Chair modeled by Luca Catino. I got to know Luca and what a great and talented dude he is... more

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    Architectural Watercolors by Atelier Crilo

    Atelier Crilo posted some architectural watercolor visuals recently that immediately captured my eye. I like this approach in general, and their use of AutoCAD layers in this case was specifically... more

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    Making of Isolation / 537 Bulans Project

    Phil Buerer's entry to the 537 Bulans Competition was awarded an Honorable Mention and a short behind the scenes is featured here today. Simple model and materials but with focus on... more

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    Making of Z’Axe Boutique

    Frank Raymond's 'Z'Axe Boutique' visual captured my attention for its color, light, composition and for being so rich in details to a point I awarded it the Best Visualization of... more

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    Making of Adelaide Housing by Arqui9 Visualisation

    Pedro Fernandes is a frequent forum dweller, sharing great work featuring a style approach I like a lot. He posted a making-of article in the past and also won a... more

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    Making of Nordic House

    I found the Nordic House visuals by Héctor Javier Diez Valladares during my routine browse on Behance. My eye landed on it rather quickly and I could understand perfectly why... more

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    Making of Favela

    Matthias Buehler approached me not long ago, sharing his personal project 'Favela' which immediately got me curious. Knowing Matthias works at ESRI as 3d Product Engineer involved with the CityEngine... more

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    Making of Stadtpark Biel

    Phil Buerer's 'Stadtpark Biel' visuals had several color views, but the Black & White ones up top captured my attention the most and awarded him Best Visualization of the Week... more

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    Making of Mountain Hostel

    Beautiful Chill! Great looking snow, composition and light are the characteristics of AESDE's 'Mountain Hostel' visual that was shared on the forums and awarded them Best Visualization of the Week... more


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