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    SketchUP V-Ray Proxy Grass

    Creating 3D Grass and Scattering it all over the place inside 3dsmax was featured here plenty, but with V-Ray for SketchUP becoming better and better it can be done inside... more

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    Making of House in the Forest

    Juan Carlos Torres's cold and foggy visuals of a House in the Forest awarded him Best Visualization of the Week NO. 06/2014 for the great composition and mood he managed... more

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    Making of IEEG Energy Center

    Uros and Igor, from EDiT, previously wrote here about the Making of the BOKA Artist Residence project and today they visit us again showcasing the process of making one of their... more

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    Making of Astridhof Residence

    Patric Verstraete recently published his latest work for VEELAERT ARCHITECTEN's Astridhof Residence project, showcasing extensive environmental work to achieve similar look to that on site without relying on photography. He... more

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    Making of Phoenix & Vieques House Animation

    Viktor Nassli shares two interesting animations created for Messana O’Rorke Architects - The Phoenix and Vieques House. This is a great example of a pragmatic and design driven approach to... more

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    Making of Eames House / Case Study House No. 8

    The Eames House is widely considered as one of the great buildings of the 20th century. Also known as the Case Study house 8, this beautiful piece of architecture was... more

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    Making of ‘Treevillas’

    Pre-Fab is sure showing a lot more lately, and I like it! Jacinto Monteiro owner of Metro Cúbico Digital ArchVIZ studio recently showcased a remarkable set of visuals they made... more

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    Making of Swedish Barn House #001

    Victor Larsson caught my eye right away with his latest 3d recreation of Swedish Pre-Fab manufacturer Arkitekthus House #001 designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects. First of all, I have... more

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    Making of Los Faiques Dwelling

    Pixelpark's 'Los Faiques Dwelling' visuals, inspired by the real 'Los Faiques Dwelling' designed by DURAN & HERMISA arquitectos asociados, awarded them Best Visualization of the Week NO. 04/2014 for a remarkable CG... more

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    Making of Dune House

    Lichtecht's 'Dune House' visuals, inspired by Matthias Arndt's vacation to the Danish North Sea Coast and based on the Hurst House by John Pardey Architects + Ström Architects, awarded them... more

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