This is a personal artwork which I call Faroe. The image was inspired by the photography of Jonathan Gregson.
My intention was to express a sense of immense space and the feeling of being insignificant compared to the extents of the natural world.

For the technical part I wanted to create a fully CG environment with as little post production as possible. In the Forest scattering I used baked procedural maps (Bercon noise, Corona AO and Corona distance) for density and size control.

Is there anybody out there?

Every now and then, one of our visuals is chosen by the team to take part of a story, of some imaginary scenario that pushes the boundaries of our imagination.
The plot for this commission titled ” Is there anybody out there?” goes a little like this:
It has been days and no sign of life has surfaced, no sound was heard, even the wind seized to exist in this no man’s land. I have been wandering for quite some times now, I couldn’t feel my limbs anymore and all hopes of reaching my goals were slowly but surely fading…The terrors of the night were getting the best of me, and as soon as I started giving up, some structure rose from the dunes. The excitement of a warm sleep drove me right to its door steps. It was clear that the building was completely deserted and tarnished, but somehow the on button of a surveillance cam was blinking… Was I not so alone? Was anybody out there? Watching, listening? Is my salvation on the other side of the monitor? Or could it be my downfall?
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The Meeting Point

The Meeting Point is an old hangar redesigned as a gathering space for car lovers which combines a car park area, a small museum for Billy Karam’s model cars collection, in addition to an event space at the roof.
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one day when I was watching wonderful poetic photos of Julien Coquentin on his Early Sunday Morning Album I found some photos made me really excited so that I decided to create those places on my own way!