Designer / Architect: Constantin Brancusi, Renzo Piano

Client: personal project

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Paris France

Personal work based on Constantin Brancusi´s sculptures and his atelier in Pompidou Museum (Paris). Not meant to be an exact copy, just a guidance and a visual reference used to learn the most basics of Zbrush and a solid and fast workflow between 3dmax, Zbrush and Substance Painter, that allows me to improve the realism in details in architectural visualizations.

It took some time since every piece was sculpted from scratch and I barely had photographic documentation of each artwork in “all” its dimensions. And the consideration that I’ve never been before in this place. So there’s a bit of imagination and personal contribution to make possible to built these images.

It was very fun but, overall, this workflow increases your creativity by not just using the same and typical material creation or modeling techniques, but using much more organic sculpture and painting techniques, and much more organic tools like the wacom that makes everything more fluid and realistic.

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