Maersk Tower

The “Maersk Tower” is a non-commercial project created in free time over the last year.
Looking for a suitable topic for realization, our attention was drawn to the Maersk Tower building located in Copenhagen.
It is distinguished by its unique architectural form and interesting texture created by façade panels.
It also has exceptionally well-designed landscape elements connecting the building itself with the surrounding terrain.
The unique architectural design has allowed us to find a lot of very attractive frames, which have become the basis for our animation.

From a technical point of view, the main goal of the project was to use the Corona as the main rendering engine and to achieve a quality similar to static visualizations.

In the project we used two lighting options.The first one using the HDR lighting method and the second hybrid model introducing additional Corona Sun.

In the animation we used great music composed by Ian Post and available on

Stuttgart School

Let us kindly introduce one of the recent projects that we created within incredibly tight timeframes. We received an order to produce a set of pictures of the school concept from Ippolito Fleitz Group from Stuttgart. The halls of the building are quite spacious and glass walls give an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view during the breaks between classes. The area outside has large greenery zones. The structure that covers the courtyard contains solar panels that produce additional energy for the needs of the establishment. Working on this project was quite challenging, nevertheless, we are happy with the result. Please, feel free to give your rate to this project!

Rainfall House

Rainfall House is a commercial project created in cooperation with the design studio “DG Architekci” The location of the building allowed us to obtain a unique climate of the rainy countryside. In the project we used different lighting variants for different types of shots in order to show each picture in the most beneficial way. The subdued color palette allows the recipient to better focus on the reception of the architecture itself. To make the images we used programs : 3ds max, corona renderer, adobe photoshop. A library of quixel megascans models was also a great help for us.

Black & Green House

“Black and Green House” is a non-commercial project based on previous visualizations. The project uses a colour palette limited to three main colours: black, white and green. The application of this approach allowed to obtain a coherent character of all the images. One of the objectives of the project was to combine modern design with more classical elements, or even antiquities. The realization of this objective turned out to be easy thanks to the use of Quixel Megascans library. In our opinion, the more characteristic element of the project is a wall mosaic placed opposite the window. The mosaic was made with surprising ease thanks to the use of quixel mixer tool.

The programs used: 3dsmax, corona renderer, adobe photoshop, quixel megascans, quixel mixer