‘Road Side’

‘Road Side’ I just wandering on Instagram then I saw a render of DAAKO Studios. I loved that render so much I decided to create one just like that so here it is. it’s not that great but it is something I wanna create.

Victoria Street

Let us kindly introduce another project that we created for the Arctic Mirage studio in January 2019. This particular building is situated in Victoria state in Australia. Our task within this project was to create a set of visualizations for selling the property. Being inspired by the architecture made by FATT!STUDIO, we decided to dream up a bit over this project and update the pictures and now we are ready to present the result to you. You can see how different lighting can create a different atmosphere and make the facade look dreamlike. We hope that this project will give you unforgettable emotions!
More: https://tero.design/project.php?id=50


Small visualization of the room. The idea was taken as a basis to connect man with nature without loss of comfort. The visualization was done according to the reference. At the sight of the original, I was very inspired by the design and wanted to repeat it in the same way or do something similar. It was difficult to replicate the proportions of the room and furniture, so I made it to my taste In general, I am satisfied with the work. Now I am waiting for your opinion and criticism)

Reference – https://www.behance.net/gallery/85844627/Green-taste?tracking_source=search_projects_recommended%7Cinterior%20design

Polar Station

We have created a conceptual project of research polar station located in the taiga, not far from the “Land of Hope” ethnic settlement, in the mountains of the Polar Urals.

This polar station is a year-round and fully autonomous complex, created on the basis of renewable energy sources and hydrogen energy, without diesel fuel.
A unique platform is being created for international cooperation of engineers, researchers, scientists and young scientists

“As an artist, I wanted to achieve the feeling of touching something unknown, like another planet. The observer receives a full range of emotions and goes a long way from alienation to love for this place. In the first images, the building is shown in the distance, in bad weather, but gradually we trying to get closer to the object, walk towards and in the end we enjoy the beautiful northern lights in the background of the polar station.”