Refurbished Barn

How far can we push the Forest Pack plugin! That was one issue after we recognized what a Swedish landscape needs to look authentic.

We are working on this setting for a VR project, so I had to build the vegetation for all directions. Now we can put the cameras nearly everywhere. This are the first shots, which we really liked to share. There´s some more coming soon 🙂


A team directed by NL Architects has won the Sloterdijk competition in Amsterdam. It was a big assignment we did last February. Further than the heavy amount of 3D and the insane amount of hours spent in Photoshop, our main concern was to give the right Amsterdammer neighborhood feeling in the images. So, hope you like them, and hope you can feel the Amsterdam vibes! 🙂

Dusk river station

I am sharing you one of the most important project for me, this is the final stage of a long and hard process of eight years of University, it’s my Architecture graduation project: “SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE: Access station to Mapocho River”. Santiago, Chile.
The concept born from creating a station that brings access to the Mapocho river as a new public space in Santiago, capital of Chile, and upgrading of poor sport infrastructure of the city.
The project was modeled on Rhinoceros from the concept and the context and details completed at 3dsmax.
For the images, I tryed a different atmosphere than common sunny days, something more evocative and thinking in the actual local autumn season.
And Render engine was Corona Renderer 1.5, then just some people in Photoshop for post-production and some minor adjustments at Ligthroom.
I hope you like it.
Thanks for the space.